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Join our supplier membership and benefit from everything you need to reach out to global buyers and boost your sales, free of charge.
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Go global. Meet real buyers.

Countless importers have benefited from our data and content designed to help them make informed purchasing decisions, and discover new trade opportunities. As such, we are able to attract and gather buyers from all over the world to start trading on Tridge. This means there is a huge opportunity for you, as a supplier, to appeal your business, reach out to buyers, and start selling to them.
Learn more about our mission towards making global trade industry better, and how our buyers are benefiting from our solutions.
Public Supplier Profile

Tell your stories.
Build online presence.
Attract customers.

As a supplier, it can be hard to established your online presence and attract customers globally without spending a fortune. With that in mind, we provide a space for you to easily create a beautiful business profile page to help you showcase your company and products to international buyers.
Join our supplier membership, and start building your online profile to drive potential customers to your business, and make your brand known to global buyers.
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Search & On-Page Ranking

Get ranked.
Gain more exposure.

You can make your business more visible to potential buyers who visit Tridge to find information about the products or markets they are looking for.
We actively maintain over millions of intelligence pages, and process hundreds of millions of price data points everyday. All of our pages are optimized for search engines. That means, we can continuously attract a large number of visitors who search for related keywords to our website.
By publishing your high-quality business profile and maintain your performance on Tridge as a supplier, you can increase your chance of getting ranked on the pages related to the products that you offer. This is an highly effective way for targeting and driving potential buyers who are most relevant to your business.
Communitation & collaboration Tools

Communicate with buyers.
Collaborate with your team.
Get things done.

Take advantage of our advanced communication tools including instant messaging, phone calls, and conference calls to engage and negotiate with buyers, free of charge.
Invite your colleagues to join your workspace. Collaborate with them to manage your company profile, list up products, respond to inquiries, make offers, negotiate with buyers, manage orders, keep track of documents, and so on.
Order Management

Manage orders.
Close deals.
Boost your sales.

Keep track of orders and manage them easily right within our app.
You can also securely store documents such purchase orders, bills of lading, all in one place.
Performance Tracking & Analytics

Track performance.
Level up your game.

Monitor your performance and stay informed on key success metrics to see what else you can improve with your business.
You will be able to keep track of everything important from inquiries to orders.

Experience the benefits.
Free of charge.

Supplier Membership

Thousands of suppliers around the globe have joined us and are benefiting from our supplier membership.
Join us as a supplier to receive all the benefits to help you boost your global sales, free of charge.
Attracting Buyers
Supplier Profile
Build or strengthen your online presence by getting a dedicated page for your supplier. Tell stories, showcase products, demonstrate your capabilities to your potential customers.
Page Ranking
Make your supplier profiles ranked and easily discoverable on Tridge’s high-traffic intelligence pages to attract a high volume of relevant customers to your business.
Getting Featured
Get featured periodically in different channels such as news feeds, newsletters and more. Getting featured or not greatly depends on your performance and other factors.
"Verified Supplier" Badge
Earn “Verified Supplier” badge after having verify your business with Tridge for increased trust and creditability.
Communicating With Buyers
Direct Messaging
Send unlimited messages to your buyers through Tridge platform, free of charge.
Phone Calls
Make phone calls with your buyers through Tridge platform, free of charge.
Conference Calls
Make conference calls with your buyers through Tridge platform, free of charge.
Managing Data
Inquiry Management
Manage purchase requests from buyers easily in one place.
Offer Management
Manage your offers made to buyers easily in one place.
Order Management
Manage and keep track of orders from buyers easily in one place.
Collaborating With Your Team
Data Sharing
Share access to data with your team members by inviting them to join your organization.
Collaborative Communications
Add your team members to conversations with your buyers to negotiate and communicate with them with your team.
Dedicated Customer Support
Request for dedicated customer support over the phone. Only English is available currently.
Supplier Profile Enhancement Service
Let us help you make your supplier profile attractive to potential buyers. This service is free only once. Additional request requires payment.

Join Tridge as a supplier to start boosting your sales.

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