Buyer Targeting

Get your offers delivered to the right buyers.

Our buyer targeting solution can help you effortlessly get your offers delivered to the right potential buyers of your products.
Why Buyer Targeting

Target buyers. Efficiently and globally.

With this solution, you no longer need to be passive and just wait for inquiries from buyers. You can proactively target potential buyers and make indicative offers to them.

Global & Verified Buyers

Get connected with potential buyers from many countries around the globe. These buyers are attracted to our platform by our quality data and content in food and agriculture.
Most of the buyers are verified through various methods such as by providing documents or by payment.
This makes them highly relevant and valuable targets for you to reach out to.

Targeted Delivery

Unlike any other platform, we offer a novel way to target global B2B buyers in food and agriculture.
Our approach is made possible through the data we collected from the activities of potential buyers on our intelligence and trading platforms as shown here.
We collect basic information such as companies, contacts and more to help us understand the buyers.
We keep track of how they browse data and content and how they interact with various things.
We ask them to explicitly state the products they are interested in purchasing as well as other preferences.
We analyze their transactional data are to give us insight into the products they purchase and how they purchase them.

Control & Privacy

Take control of your targeting as well as your privacy with additional options that you can choose.
Targeting Preferences
You can narrow down your targeting by specifying in detail your requirements such as countries, locations or even companies.
Excluded Companies
You can specify what companies to exclude from your targeting giving you peace of mind that your offers won't be delivered to competitors or unwanted parties.
Delivery & Display

Get your offers shown to targeted buyers. Front and center.

This is how buyers will see your offers when they use Tridge’s Buyer Dashboard for their sourcing activities.
You can be sure that your offers will be sent directly and privately to the buyers who match your targeting conditions, not to any public audience.
How It Works

Simple and straightforward buyer targeting.

Whether you want to boost your sales or clear your inventory, our buyer targeting solution lets you find the right buyers in three simple steps.
Create targeting campaign
You create a buyer targeting campaign and specify the details of your targeting criteria as well as the offers to be delivered to your targeted buyers.
Get your offer delivered
Based on your requirements, we will determine the available pool of buyers that we can reach out to. Your offer is then sent out as soon as it's confirmed.
Connect with buyers
Once delivered, you will be able to start receiving inquiries and get connected with the targeted buyers.
Service Guarantee

Save your time, cost and all the hassle of finding the right buyers.

Our buyer targeting solution helps you save time and cost of finding the right customers for your business. Create campaigns now to start sending out your offers to your targeted buyers.

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Supplier Profile
Get a business profile on Tridge for building your presence and attracting buyers.
Buyer Targeting
Get your offers delivered to targeted buyers matching your requirements using our data.
Content Publication
Gain more exposure and attract more buyers by sharing your knowledge on Tridge.

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