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East Colombia Trading Company

US flagUnited States
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Company Story

We know that the best food is the one made with love. This also applies to fruits and vegetables, products that require time, patience, delicacy, and dedication in every step of their growing process. We’re so proud of our partners and so confident of the work they do, we invite you to come and visit us, our treat, so you can see the passion and pride behind each and every piece of produce we send abroad.

What happens when you take global travelers, foodies, and lovers of fruit who are passionate about their community, and you place them in one of the world's richest agricultural zones? Meet East Colombia Trading Company. With a combined 19 years of international business experience, 18 years of delivering the highest quality produce, and a network that literally spans the globe, our goal is to share with you the wealth of the land that some call home and all love.

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Our freshly grown pineapples direct from our partners

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East Colombia Trading Company
United States
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