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Sresta Natural Bioproducts Pvt. Ltd.

IN flagIndia
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In the backdrop of excessive and harmful usage of pesticides began the story of Sresta. In 1992 We named our products 24 Mantra. Delving into the ancient Upanishads of India and sourcing from the Rig Veda, we drew upon the primary elements of nature. 

Tvam Bhumir Apo Analo Anilo Nabha – You alone are Earth, Water, Fire, Air & Ether is the blend of all basic elements that compose wholesome food.

Sresta took small steps starting 2004. With the focus on creating means of sustainability for the farmers, we set about addressing two key areas- farmers and the products. For the farmers our efforts addressed issues of creating communities for farmers who are committed to the cause of organic farming, ensuring continuing means of livelihood and building mutually beneficial relationships with the farmers. For products, we adopted a unique farm to fork approach to ensure farmers produce 100% Organic products and the same was brought to our customers.

 Today 45,000 farmers cultivate 2,25,000 acres across 15 States. And our goal is to expand this circle of sustainability by reaching 500,000 acres under Organic farming by 2020.

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We are Certified Organic
We are Certified Organic
Farming Projects: All the farming projects are under Organic Certification for Euro 2092/91 standards, US NOP and Indian NPOP organic standards. Most of the projects are certified by Control Union International, ONECERT.

Products and Processing facilities and warehouses: The products and processing units are also certified for Regulation EC 834/2007, USDA NOP and Indian NPOP. The license numbers are Control Union – CUCERT 802075 ONECERT ASIA.

Food Safety & Quality: Our processing units have some of the following food safety and other certifications: ISO 9001, ISO 22000, HACCP,GMP (Good manufacturing facilities), GHP (Good Hygiene Practices), FSSAI ( Food Safety and Standards Authority of India ) BRC (British Retail Consortium), Kosher.

We are registered with FSSAI (Food Safety and Standards Authority of India) US FDA (U.S. Food and Drug Administration).

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