Enterprise Application

Complete Toolkit for Your Global Sourcing

We provide essential tools to make your sourcing and procurement operations easy. Gain complete visibility and control over your data, from inquiries to orders, together with your team.
Supplier Discovery

Discover suppliers, your trustworthy partners.

Explore verified suppliers on Tridge. Check out their company profiles and products. Send inquiries to the suppliers you are interested in to receive offers from them.
Inquiry Management & Team Workspace

Manage inquiries, together with your colleagues.

Easily keep track and manage your inquiries with suppliers. See information related to your inquiries such as communication history, offers, orders, and documents, all in one place.
By inviting your colleagues to join your workspace, you will be able to let them access the inquiries you are working on, and start collaborating with them to get your things sorted out.
Feedback System

Respond to offers quickly, without sharing your contact.

After receiving offers from the suppliers you sent inquiries to, you can choose to open a direct communication channel, or simply give your feedbacks on their offers to them.
When choosing the latter, you will be sharing your feedbacks on the offers with the suppliers without revealing your contact information. This also saves you time for composing long and customized messages for each of them.
Communication & Collaboration Tools

Communicate in team. Ace your negotiations.

Don't negotiate alone. Let your teammates help you. You can invite your colleagues to join your conversations with suppliers, and start conference calls together, right within our app.
We support direct messaging, phone calls, conference calls to make it as convenient as possible for you to get in touch with suppliers.
Your communication history will be kept securely. It is also organized and made easily searchable. No need to bother using emails to communicate again.
Order Management

Manage orders. Close your deals.

Keep track of orders and manage them easily right within our app.
You can also securely store documents such purchase orders, bills of lading, all in one place.
All Benefits

Source better, together, for free*.

* Only after verifying your business through document verification.

Source better with our app. Start today.

Improve your experience with sourcing and procurement operations by start using our app designed to make you happy with your purchasing with Tridge.