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What happens after booking a meeting with a supplier?

After you book a meeting with a supplier’s representative, you will be notified through email when they confirm your booking. You can view your booking status, cancel or reschedule your bookings through the Meetings page.


In Exhibition 365, exhibitors host online booths that showcase their company details and a wide range of agri-food products to keep your business competitive. A basic or premium exhibitor is a verified supplier with a virtual booth on our platform. When you contact an exhibitor, you will connect with their representative.
After you book a meeting with an exhibitor’s representative, they will receive a notification of a new meeting scheduled. You will get a notification through email when they perform one of the following actions. They can confirm, request to reschedule, or cancel your booking.

Manage your meetings

You can view your booking status, cancel, or reschedule your bookings through the Meetings page under Buyer Dashboard on the left side of your screen.
Reschedule requests from representatives will appear at the top of the page under Pending Confirmation Inbox. Past meetings that did not take place will also show up here so you can reschedule another meeting easily.
You can also view your monthly or weekly meeting schedule using the calendar below Pending Confirmation Inbox. The color of each meeting on the calendar shows your booking status.
The different statuses of your meeting booking

View meeting details

Click on the meetings on your calendar to view the details. Depending on the current status of the booking, you can request to reschedule, cancel, or join meetings.
Reschedule or cancel a pending booking
Approve or decline a reschedule request from a representative
Reschedule, cancel, or join a confirmed meeting
Note: You can enter meeting rooms 10 minutes before the start time.

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