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How do I attend webinars and live social events?

You can register for upcoming webinars, join live webinars, and watch past webinars through the Events page under Exhibition 365.


Tridge webinars, led by top industry experts, offer valuable insights into current happenings and opportunities in the global agricultural market. You can register for upcoming webinars, attend live seminars, and access recordings of past webinars through the Events page in Exhibition 365.

View upcoming, live, and past webinars

All upcoming, live, and past webinars are shown on the Events page with a badge to indicate the status of the webinar.
Badges for different webinar statuses

How to register for an upcoming webinar

When you register for an upcoming webinar, you will receive a certificate of participation that showcases your commitment to professional development.
Step 1 / 4
Click Save Your Seat on an upcoming webinar card.
Step 2 / 4
Fill out your information such as your name, email, company, position title, and country.
Step 3 / 4
Indicate how you heard about the webinar and include any questions for Tridge’s speakers ahead of the webinar.
Step 4 / 4
Click I agree to terms & conditions, then click Submit. After the submission, you will receive a Webex invitation in your email within 3 business days.

Join a live webinar

When a webinar is live, it will move to the top of the list and display a Live badge. Simply click Join Now to join the live webinar. Alternatively, you can join the live webinar by accessing the Webex invitation link from your confirmation email.

After the live webinar

If you are a registered attendee of the webinar, you will receive a follow-up email with the webinar slides, recording, Q&A summary, and a brief survey within 3 business days of the live webinar. Complete the survey with your name and email address to receive your certificate of participation.
The webinar slides and recording will be uploaded to the Tridge website within 3 business days of the live webinar. Once uploaded, you can access and download them at your convenience, allowing you to watch the recording and review the webinar slides anytime.
Watch recording and access webinar slides through the Tridge website

Live social events, coming soon

Tridge is curating live social events, such as online workshops and gatherings, that will soon be available for you to attend. These events will provide an opportunity to expand your business network and connect with suppliers from all over the world.
You will be notified when this feature becomes available.

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