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What is Sourcing Hub?

Sourcing Hub is a place where you can connect and engage with thousands of verified agri-food suppliers from all over the world. You can find the right suppliers through Exhibition 365, or have suppliers approach you by creating product requests on Sourcing Requests.


Sourcing Hub allows global agri-food suppliers and buyers to connect and build successful partnerships. You can explore and engage with thousands of verified suppliers. This hub helps you fulfill your sourcing needs in two ways – by exploring and reaching out to suppliers through Tridge Exhibition 365, or receiving supplier offers that are specific to your needs through Tridge Sourcing Requests.

Tridge Exhibition 365

You can explore thousands of global agri-food suppliers through online booths and other live social events to find the right suppliers for your business.
The online booths include 360 virtual tours, allowing you to get an immersive experience as you step inside the supplier’s facilities from anywhere at any time. You can also collaborate in real time by scheduling video meetings to build partnerships.

Tridge Sourcing Requests

You can create a request to tell suppliers what you need and suppliers will make offers specific to your request. Review supplier offers and connect with up to 5 suppliers that meet your product specifications.
Note: You can earn up to 3 free trial request quotas when you upload your business registration certificate. To claim your free trial request quotas or learn more about Sourcing Requests, visit this pricing page.

Suppliers on Tridge

Tridge houses thousands of verified agri-food suppliers from all over the world so that you can optimize your sourcing journey. On Tridge, there are:


verified exhibitors


agri-food products


countries covered

Premium and Basic Exhibitors

On Tridge, all agri-food suppliers are called exhibitors. Both premium and basic exhibitors have their own booths that showcase the company and the products they offer.
Premium booth
Basic booth

Contact exhibitors

You can only contact premium exhibitors. Visit this page to find out more about how you can contact a premium exhibitor.
To learn more about Sourcing Hub, click here.

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