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How do I create a sourcing request?

You can create sourcing requests through the Sourcing Requests or My Requests page with your existing request quotas.


You can create a request to tell suppliers what you need and suppliers will make offers specific to your request. Review supplier offers and connect with up to 5 suppliers that meet your product specifications which include tentative purchasing volume, delivery terms, payment terms, and more.
Note: One request quota allows you to create one sourcing request.

Get started with 3 free trial request quotas

If you want to try Sourcing Requests before paying for request quotas, then you can upload your business registration certificate to earn 3 free trial request quotas.
Once you have uploaded your business registration certificate, the team at Tridge will review and assess the validity of your document. You will receive 3 free trial request quotas upon the approval of your document.

Request quota pricing

To be eligible for request quotas (free trial or paid), you need to upload your business registration certificate to be reviewed and approved by Tridge.
Once your business registration certificate is approved, you can use your 3 free trial request quotas. As you explore this service, consider the many advantages of purchasing 10 request quotas for your business. Tridge is currently offering it at a special price of $900, which saves you up to 55%. You can click Proceed to Payment and enter your credit card information to purchase.
If you need more than 10 request quotas, contact Sales and the team will help you customize the best fit for your business needs.
To find out more or proceed to payment, visit the pricing page.

How to create a sourcing request

Step 1 / 5
From the Sourcing Requests page, click Create Request.
Alternatively, you can also click Create Request from My Requests page.
Step 2 / 5
Fill out your personal information such as name, email address, phone number, and other contact info.
Step 3 / 5
Fill out your company information such as business type, year established, number of employees, annual sales revenue, company website, address, and description.
Step 4 / 5
Fill out your request starting from product & specifications, sourcing countries, expected order quantity, requirements, logistic terms, payment terms, and additional information.
Step 5 / 5
Read Tridge Terms of Service and Privacy Policy and click on the checkbox to continue. Click Submit Request to finish creating your request.

How to check your remaining request quota

You can check your remaining request quotas through the dashboard located on the top of My Requests page.
Start creating sourcing requests now and receive supplier offers specific to your business needs.

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