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What happens after I receive supplier offers?

After receiving supplier offers, you can choose up to 5 suppliers to get in touch with by revealing their contact information. You can check the offers you received by viewing your request detail through My Requests page.


After you create a sourcing request, you can receive and select offers for your request within a 14-day validity period. When you receive an offer, you can view its details such as offer quantity, price, delivery and payment terms, product origin, and more.
You can also view general information of the supplier company such as their business type, base country, annual sales revenue, and more. However, you can only view the supplier company’s name and their contact information after you choose to reveal it.
Note: You can only choose to reveal up to 5 suppliers’ contact information per request.

How to check the offers you received

Step 1 / 2
From the My Requests page, click on the request you want to see the offers for.
Step 2 / 2
Scroll to the bottom of the page to Received Offers and you will see the offers received for your request.

How to select offers and reveal supplier info

Step 1 / 3
Under Received Offers, choose the offer you want to select by clicking on the checkbox. Then, click Reveal Supplier Info to proceed.
Step 2 / 3
A confirmation message will appear along with information about the number of supplier offers you can reveal after confirming your selected offers. Click Continue to proceed or Cancel to go back and select another offer.
Step 3 / 3
Once you proceed to revealing a supplier’s contact information, you will be able to view their company name and contact number. You can also view more contact information through the offer details window by clicking View Details.
More contact information shown on the Offer Details window

Build successful partnerships

Once you have obtained the contact information of the suppliers whose offers you have selected, the next step is to initiate contact with them to discuss and build partnerships. You can reach out to them using the provided email, phone number, or other available contact information, and begin building successful business partnerships.

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