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Sourcing Requests

Connect with agri-food suppliers through Sourcing Requests

Find the right suppliers for your business.
Innovative Agri-Foods Platform
Tridge optimizes the sourcing of agricultural products. Receive offers from thousands of validated suppliers across 160+ countries.
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Connect with suppliers of choice at no cost. Get started by uploading your business registration certificate for approval.
Detailed Supplier Information
Select your offers and access detailed supplier information to choose the best deals and make smarter decisions.

How do Sourcing Requests Work?


Create requests

List your product specifications and let suppliers know what you need

Review Offers

Compare the offers you received and find the right supplier for you

Build successful partnerships

Get the contact details of your chosen supplier and reach out to discuss your future partnership

Sourcing Request Quotas


3 Request Quotas

For individuals or small businesses just getting started with sourcing

You Will Get

3 free request quotas
Quotas returned if no offers received

Upload Business Registration Certificate

Get Approved


10 Request Quotas

For small to medium-sized businesses that need a one-off smart sourcing solution

You Will Get

Additional 10 request quotas
Quotas returned if no offers received

Upload Business Registration Certificate

Get Approved

Ready to Pay


10+ Request Quotas and Guaranteed Meetings

For medium to large-sized businesses who are constantly seeking ways to source strategically
Contact Sales

You Will Get

10+ request quotas
Guaranteed meetings with Suppliers
Quotas returned if no offers received

How do Request Quotas Work?

One quota per request

Quotas represent how many requests you can make on the platform (i.e. One quota allows you to make one request).

One request is valid for 14 days

Once a request has been posted, it lasts for 14 days. Suppliers may submit offers during that time before the request is officially closed.

Quotas returned if no offers received

If no offers were received during the 14 days, your quota will be returned to your account and can be used to create a new request.