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August 07, 2018

Blood Cockle Season to Commence in September

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Cockle Wholesale Prices
$5.8 per kg
Jul 19
Dec 19
Cockle Production Volume
491.78K tons
Others Production Volume
1.45M tons
Others Export Value
As blood cockle season commences in September, sourcing enquiries for blood cockle have been growing in number recently. In order to meet the expectation, we have engaged with multiple blood cockle suppliers from China, South Korea, and Malaysia.
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Peter Chung
Industry Analyst - Tridge

Our Suppliers

With an aim to meet the different needs, Tridge has recently engaged with 4 good suppliers in China. All of our suppliers own large-scale processing lines that allow not only the production of frozen blood cockles but a wide range of frozen shellfish items. Our engaged suppliers have strong locality and expertise, backed by over 25 years of industry experience. With such experience, our suppliers are capable of handling both minor and major issues that frequently occur in the shellfish industry.

Our South Korean supplier, the only producer that is certified to export blood cockle overseas, owns a 300-hectare blood cockle farm with maximum daily picking capacity of 25MT. South Korea’s blood cockles are priced higher than that of other countries as it is known for the best quality. With such reputation, we are experiencing growth in the number of enquiries for Korean cockles from different countries. Our South Korean supplier recently started exporting to developed countries such as Australia and the U.S. In February 2018, the supplier obtained Halal certification with the aim to boost export, particularly to regions such as UAE, Europe, and other Asian countries.

Malaysia has approximately 4,800km of coastlines, where most of them are known as mangrove-fringed mudflats. Malaysian blood cockles are smaller in size but known for the high quality due to the abundance of clean mudflats.

Why Tridge?

Blood cockles grow in areas of mudflats (a.k.a. coastal wetlands) and require clean water to thrive. Due to water pollution around the world, we are witnessing a decreasing trend in blood cockle production. However, with Tridge’s pre-emptive action to deal with possible difficulties in blood cockle sourcing, we were able to engage with reliable live and frozen blood cockle suppliers. Blood cockle is a niche item, even within the shellfish industry. We are seeing growth in global demand for its rich flavour and high protein content, enabling active use in human consumption. However, with decreasing global trend in production, the cockle price will inevitably increase every season. Therefore, it is essential for buyers to preoccupy the blood cockle supply through long-term contract with credible supplier in order to secure the deal at the most competitive price.

Recently, Tridge has connected a major wholesaler in Thailand with a frozen blood cockle supplier from Dandong, China. In addition, we are receiving more enquiries from developed countries such as Australia and European countries. These buyers are looking for sustainable Asian suppliers that can provide a high quantity with competitive price to replace the European blood cockles. Because the blood cockle market is such a highly fluctuating seasonal market, most buyers also purchase other variety of shellfish in order to diversify the risk. Regarding such market identity, Asian suppliers could be the most attractive option for blood cockle buyers. Our engaged suppliers have a wide range of products with capacity and capability to fulfil additional needs that buyers may have.

The credibility of our frozen cockle suppliers has been proved by a recent incident of our Chinese supplier dealing with an urgent buyer request on additional supply. One of the buyers urgently requested for an additional amount of supply which the supplier was not able to fulfil by the stock. However, the supplier bought cockle seeds from other farms and raised the cockle to fulfil the additional order, even though the supplier was not obliged to do so.

Blood cockle price varies according to its size and quality. Tridge connects buyers with suppliers who meet the required specifications at the most competitive price. For Suppliers, we identify trade opportunities with genuine buyers from various different regions. Through our distinctive network of world-wide scope local agents, we identify the most competitive condition customized for every buyer and supplier. Seize new blood cockle trade opportunities with Tridge today.

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