W15: Salmon Update

Published Apr 21, 2023
In W15 in the salmon landscape, South Korea significantly increased imports of fresh salmon fillets from Norway in January-March 2023, with 4,820 tons receiving 45% less than 8,770 tons in 2022. In the Q1 of 2023, 29 types of products were imported, compared to only 19 types in 2022. Norway's seafood export value swelled by 22%, reaching NOK 41.4B, with record prices for fresh salmon fillets, fresh trout, fresh cod fillets, and frozen cod exports. In the United States, two AK tribal organizations are suing the federal government to protect subsistence salmon fishing. The lawsuit seeks to hold the government accountable for its "lack of action, lack of urgency" and "business as usual" management style. As for the price of fresh Chilean Atlantic salmon fillets increased due to high demand due to the Holy Week holidays in the US market. Offers ranged above and below quotations, with supply adequate at the start of W15. The Orenburg region of Russia denied the import of 18.4T of ice cream coho salmon from Kazakhstan due to a discrepancy between the manufacturer's data and the Customs Union's certificate. 14T of dried fish were received with a veterinary certificate, while 20T of cattle skins were prevented due to a lack of markings. Further in Russia, scientists predict more than 500KT of salmon in the upcoming fishing season, with Kamchatka, Sakhalin, Khabarovsk Territory, Magadan, Chukotka, and Primorye all contributing to the total catch. A team of INTA specialists in Argentina is studying the adaptability of salmon to local agro-ecological conditions, finding that growth is progressive and optimal, making it possible to use water reservoirs. In January-March 2023, 5,626MT of Turkish Salmon were exported to Russia, Germany, and Vietnam, representing a 72% YoY increase in volume and 77% YoY in value. The price of fresh Salmon HON in Norway increased by 0.45%, reaching USD 11.00/kg in W14, but the volume exported decreased by 5,738MT due to a reduction in fishing during the Easter period. U.S. trim D Chilean salmon fillets fell USD 0.11 a pound to USD 6.60, meaning average prices are down 3.4% YoY. Brazilian fish prices fell USD 0.41/kg to USD 9.23/kg, almost the same level as in W13 of 2022. Lastly, Scientists are bracing for a record number of invasive Pacific pink salmon to arrive in Britain, posing a threat to the native Atlantic salmon population. There is no evidence they have begun breeding in British rivers, but a government risk assessment found it likely.

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