W16: Watermelon Update

Published Apr 28, 2023
In W16 in the watermelon landscape, Russia and Venezuela have agreed to increase cooperation in the agricultural sector, with more than 50 Russian and 40 Venezuelan manufacturers expressing interest in becoming suppliers. The two countries are updating their trade agreement to include the export and import of various products and are seeking to broaden the range of Venezuelan products in Russia. There is potential for the supply of watermelons to Russia, while Venezuela has requested sunflower and legume supplies. Morocco has hit record numbers in watermelon production, a water-intensive crop. However, the country is facing its worst drought in over three decades, attributed to climate change and water shortages. The drought has led to a decrease in watermelon crop yields. On the other hand, in Pakistan, a bumper crop decreased watermelon prices to USD 0.18-0.28/kg (PKR 50-80/kg) during Iftar. Lastly, the Kukdala district in Uzbekistan is known for its watermelon cultivation, with local farmers mastering various methods of growing watermelons depending on soil conditions, irrigation possibilities, and the varieties used. Kukdala is testing a new planting method for early watermelons, which involves planting seeds under film in greenhouse conditions on dry land. This method was tested on 15 acres of land in 2022 and resulted in a high yield. As a result, farms are growing early-ripening watermelons in greenhouses with underground irrigation.

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