W19: Onion Update

Published May 18, 2023
W19: Onion Update

In W19 in the onion landscape, it was reported that the Ministry of Commerce of Argentina has updated the basic basket of seasonal fruits and vegetables as part of the Fair Prices program aimed to address inflation. In the wholesale market of Buenos Aires, onions stood at USD 0.73/kg (ARS 170/kg). From January to April, the entry of onions imported from Argentina to the Brazilian market decreased compared to the same period of the last four years, with a decrease of 50% in value and 45% in value compared to 2021. The price of onions harvested in the South-Central region of Chihuahua, Mexico, remained low, with farmers receiving USD 0.17-0.23/kg (MXN 3-4/kg). Despite the price drop, farmers have managed to cover production costs, particularly those with higher yields per hectare. In the south-central region of Mexico, an estimated 800 hectares of white, yellow, and purple onion varieties have been cultivated, with a relatively smaller cultivation area for purple onions.

Onion prices in Georgian wholesale markets reached USD 1.93/kg (EUR 1.79/kg) due to a supply shock in March. The MY season of Italian onions will start on May 24, with products from Southern Italian growing regions. Brown and red onions will be available until July. In Moldova, the price of onions slightly increased and stood at USD 5.41/kg (RON 25/kg) in wholesale markets. The Dutch onion season is in its final phase, characterized by high volumes. The prices have remained high, leading to minimal demand from Europe. However, prices have slightly decreased in W19, ranging between USD 0.70-0.75/kg (EUR 0.65-0.70/kg). In Spain, onion prices have experienced a significant increase, rising by 238% in 2022 due to higher production costs, a decrease in planted hectares, and reduced production yields due to unfavorable weather conditions. Onion prices stood at USD 1.40/kg (EUR 1.3/kg), an increase of USD 0.22/kg (EUR 1.3/kg) compared to the same period in 2022. Lastly, in January 2023, Tajikistan implemented an export ban on onions, carrots, and potatoes. Notably, this was the second ban on onion exports during the season, with the previous ban being in effect since August 2022. The duration of the ban's continuation was not specified. Unofficial information suggests that Tajikistan resumed onion exports to the foreign market from May 1, 2023, although there was no official confirmation regarding the lifting of the ban from official sources.

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