W20: Salmon Update

In W20 in the salmon landscape, it was reported that Norway has postponed a decision on the so-called "salmon tax" due to the main political parties failing to reach a consensus. The Storting was due to produce its final recommendations tomorrow, but the main parliamentary vote is not expected until the end of the month or early June. Analysts believe the tax is unlikely to survive after the next general election in 2025. Salmon farming shares fell sharply on the Oslo Stock Exchange following news of the breakdown.

In the United States, the Copper River Salmon season opens on May 15, 2023, and anticipation is high for the genetically rich salmon returning to the glacial waters of the Copper River each season. The price of fresh Chilean Atlantic salmon fillets decreased in the US market in W20, with FOB MIA prices at USD 6-6.20/lb for 2/3 lbs and USD 6.10-6.30/lb for 3/4 lbs. Lastly, in Russia, the salmon fishing season in Kamchatka will start on June 5, 2023 and is expected to catch 380KT of fish, with pink salmon being the main object of production. Passing days are preserved for producers, and 18K people are employed in the industry, with 96 industrial fisheries, 98 recreational, and 203 traditional fishing sites.

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