W21: Almond Update

Published Jun 1, 2023
W21: Almond Update

In W21 in the almond landscape, it was reported that the Calabria Region and local farmers in Italy are increasingly focusing on nuts as a valuable agricultural product. The final ranking of applications for support in new plantings or replantings of shell fruit species has been published, and 113 applicants were deemed eligible for funding in 2022, amounting to approximately USD 5.36M (EUR 5M). The surface area for new plantations is 717 hectares, including 355 hectares of almonds, 120 hectares of hazel, 110 hectares of walnut, 98 hectares of chestnut, and 34 hectares of pistachio. On the other hand, severe storms and heavy rainfall in Valencia and Alicante, Spain, have caused significant damage to the fruit and vegetable sector. The storms, known as DANA, interrupted the collection of stone fruit and seasonal vegetables, leading to crop losses due to fruit skin cracks, rot, and fungal attacks. However, rainfall is beneficial for crops such as almonds, grapes, carob, and olives, which had experienced water stress earlier. The rains will help save on irrigation, reduce production costs, and replenish water sources. Prolonged rainfall and excessive humidity could pose problems for stone fruit, seasonal vegetables, citrus fruits, and grapes. The full extent of the damage to production is yet to be determined, but there may be limitations on volume. In addition, a joint operation between the Guardia Civil and the Tax Agency of Alicante, Spain, seized 25 tons of almonds containing dangerous toxins. The almonds underwent analysis by the Foreign Health Department upon their arrival in Alicante, revealing high levels of aflatoxins, which is a toxic fungus that poses a health risk if consumed by humans. Lastly, the dry-roasted almond snack market is projected to have a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 5.5% from 2023 to 2032. This growth is due to the rising consumer demand for nutritious snack options and the growing awareness of the health benefits of almonds.

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