W25: Watermelon Update

Published Jun 29, 2023
W25: Watermelon Update

In W25 in the watermelon landscape, it was reported that the watermelon harvest is ongoing in Adana, Turkey. The city aims to produce 650 thousand tons of watermelon in 2023, a 15% increase compared to the previous year. Prices have remained low, ranging from USD 0.038-0.15/kg (TRY 1-4/kg) due to cold weather conditions across the country, except for the Mediterranean region. In addition, in June, the price of Turkish watermelons was estimated to be around USD 0.58-0.77/kg (TRY 15-20/kg). However, from July to September, prices are anticipated to be even lower, ranging from USD 0.15-0.31/kg (TRY 3.80-8/kg). In 2022, Poland imported 11.7 thousand tons of watermelons from Turkey, accounting for 7.1% of the total volume of watermelon imports and 6.4% of the import value.

On the other hand, the United States (US) watermelon supply is experiencing a stronger season with a 7.3% increase in volume compared to 2022, reaching 2.3 billion pounds as of June 11. The peak season for US watermelon production occurs between July and August, with production from April to September. Seedless watermelons have been the leading segment for the past 30 years, although there are nearly 400 varieties available to cater to different consumer preferences. California experienced a late start to its watermelon harvest due to below-normal temperatures after beneficial rainfall. The 2023 Texas watermelon production is forecasted to be average, with better yields but lower quality compared to the previous season. The Rio Grande Valley and Winter Garden regions will have abundant Texas-grown watermelons in stores and markets. Increased acreage in South Texas and consistent rains in May, affected fruit quality with lower sugar content. Disease issues like downy mold and fusarium were also observed due to the rainfall. However, the Winter Garden region experienced favorable conditions for watermelons and cantaloupes. Melon producers anticipate an average year with good fruit sets and harvests aligning with the Fourth of July peak demand. Prices have been relatively weaker due to a surplus of melons from Florida, which had a bumper crop. Lastly, in the Obour market of Egypt, watermelons stood at USD 0.13-0.19/4-6kg (EGP 12-18/4-6kg). 

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