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W3: Durian Weekly Report

Fresh Durian
Pauline Fay Enriquez
Updated Jan 24, 2023
Tridge's global market analysts and country representatives analyze what happened in W3 in the global durian market. In summary, Filipino farmers are delighted about the opportunity to export durians to China, but they continue to be burdened by the high cost of agricultural products like fertilizer to meet the phytosanitary criteria.


Philippine Durian Growers Still Face Challenges Despite Acquiring New Export Markets in China (Jan 21)

During the visit of President Bongbong Marcos to China, both countries signed the “Protocol of the Phytosanitary Requirements for Export of Fresh Durians from the Philippines to China,” which opens a huge market for Philippine durian growers. The high price of agricultural inputs like fertilizers still burdens durian farmers. Aside from that, farmers should meet the strict standard of the international market. To meet the phytosanitary criteria, durian producers must upgrade their agricultural techniques. The Bureau of Plant Industry must certify them under PhilGAP (Good Agricultural Practices). Additionally, products must pass through the General Administration of Chinese Customs along with Inspection and Quarantine.

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