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W3: Tomato Weekly Report

Fresh Tomato
South Africa
Pauline Fay Enriquez
Updated Jan 24, 2023
Tridge's global market analysts and country representatives analyze what happened in W3 in the global tomato market. In summary, Turkey exported over USD 377M worth of tomatoes in 2022, representing a 4% rise. Tomato production in Turkey keeps rising to cover demand. On the other hand, tomato production in South Africa decreased, and experts have warned customers that tomato prices may rise.


Tomato Export From Turkey to 54 Countries (Jan 17)

Tomato exports from Turkey in 2022 increased by about 4% compared to 2021 and reached USD 377M of foreign currency inflow. Exporters made 526,703 exports to 54 countries, including Romania, Ukraine, Bulgaria, Germany, England, Czechia, Switzerland, Spain, Kazakhstan, Latvia, Russia, Poland, and Malaysia. Export figures are expected to rise much higher in 2023 with the re-gaining of efficiency in the Russian market.

Greenhouse Tomato Production Area in Kahramanmaras, Türkiye Reaches 100 Hectares (Jan 20)

High-quality tomatoes are produced in the Kadioglu district, about 30km from Kahramanmaras city center. The greenhouses established by a group of growers have reached an area of ​​1.1K hectares. Tomatoes with good flavor and quality, produced by the farmers in the greenhouses, are bought by wholesalers at the beginning of the field and marketed to the city center and surrounding provinces.

Turkish Tomato Exports Rise in 2022 (Jan 20)

In 2022, Turkey's tomato export revenue grew by 4% compared to 2021 to USD 377.42M, Anadolu Agency reported, citing data from the Southeast Anatolia Exporters Association. A total of 526,703 tons of tomatoes were exported to 54 countries, including Germany, Great Britain, the Czech Republic, Switzerland, Spain, Kazakhstan, Russia, and Poland. However, the largest revenues are from exports to Romania with USD 65.23M, followed by Ukraine with USD 45.32M, and Bulgaria with USD 38.11M.

United States of America

Tomato Supplies Improving in USA (Jan 17)

There are certain locations in the United States where the weather is improving for the supply level, even if there are still weather delays in several producing regions, particularly with the ongoing West Coast rain. Due to unfavorable weather, several crops were behind in their growth, but now that output is starting to recover, some main markets are strengthening. In a much smaller market, demand is moderate. As production ramps up out of Mexico and Florida, more manufacturing is beginning to enter the supply stream. As more volume enters the marketplace, this should result in reduced prices.

South Africa

In South Africa, Higher-Priced Tomatoes Expected in the Near Future (Jan 18)

Although tomato volumes have dropped, sales in South Africa remain stable as prices hit an upward trend for W3. Load shedding have an impact on those who farm tomatoes hydroponically. There are fewer tomatoes on South Africa’s shelves due to a nationwide supply shortage. In some parts of the country, farmers are reporting rainfall and hail damage. Experts warn that consumers are also in for higher-priced tomatoes.

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