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W3: Weekly Seafood Update

Updated Jan 24, 2023
Tridge's global market analysts and country representatives take a deep dive into what happened during W3 in the global seafood landscape. In summary, the demand for blue swimming crab from Indonesia is increasing with an upward trend expected until March 2023, mainly from the US. Live southern rock lobster suppliers from Australia and New Zealand are actively broadening and increasing their markets, with the US as their main focus. In the North American markets in W3, fresh Chilean Atlantic salmon prices experienced an increase of 2.5% WoW due to lack of Salmon from the Canadian West Coast. Vietnamese shrimp exports reached USD 4.3B in 2022, an increase of 11% compared to 2021. Lastly, Vietnam's tuna exports reached the target of USD 1B in 2022, up 34% compared to the same period in 2021.


Indonesia: Increasing Demand for Indonesian Blue Swimming Crab in January 2023 (Jan 16)

The demand for blue swimming crab from Indonesia is increasing, and it will show an upward trend until March 2023. The increase in demand is mainly from the US market, ahead of the implementation of 4 major seafood exhibitions in April 2023. The prices for January's shipment have been pushed up around 12% from the prices in December 2022 and will continue rising until March 2023.

UK: Considerations for the Upcoming Brown Crab Season in the United Kingdom (Jan 18)

The brown crab season in the United Kingdom is almost finished and is set to restart in May 2023. It is important to note that the Asian market typically only buys crabs during the best season, which is from October to December when the crabs are full of roe. Therefore, it may be beneficial for UK crab fishermen to focus on exporting their catch during this period to meet the demands of the Asian market. Additionally, it is currently observed that crab fishing is short and most of the crabs are being sold fresh instead of cooked and frozen.

Argentina: First Export to the US of King Crab for Direct Consumption (Jan 19)

The National Agri Food Health and Quality Service (Senasa), an agency that accompanies regional production and development policies that promote local added value, certified the first export of 10MT of king crab to the United States, in its product presentation finished direct to the gondola from the town of Puerto San Julián, Santa Cruz province. The export of king crab is carried out annually in large volume packages to finish its process in the country of destination, so this export constitutes a novelty as it is a finished product for direct commercialization in the retail market, which generates greater value. added and employs more labor on land, creating sources of work of great importance for the town of Puerto San Julián.

Tunisia: Low Supply of Large Size Female Crabs in the Tunisian Market in January 2023 (Jan 18)

The supply of large-size (150/200g and 200+g) female Blue swimming crabs in Tunisia decreased drastically in January 2023 with approximately a 50% egg ratio, but the supply of males remains constant. The importers from South East Asia are requesting a better assortment with more females as the market demand for females remains higher than for males. The price of female crabs 100/150g was around USD 3.00-3.30/kg in W3.


New Zealand: Lobster Suppliers From New Zealand and Australia Want to Diversify Their Markets in 2023 (Jan 20)

Live southern rock lobster suppliers are actively broadening and increasing their markets, with the USA as their main focus. They are currently heavily dependent on China with around 90% of their product going there. They would also like to access some other Asian markets but are well aware of tough competition from other lobster suppliers which can supply the same product at lower prices. Australia's average price of lobster was USD 58.89/kg (AUD 85kg) for 2022, while New Zealand's average price was USD 80.20-86.61/kg (NZD 125-135/kg).


North America: Price Increase of Fresh Chilean Atlantic Salmon in the North American Market During W3 (Jan 17)

In the North American market, the price of fresh Chilean Atlantic salmon fillets experienced an increase of USD 0.15/lb, representing an increase of 2.5% WoW for shipments during W3. Prices were at USD 6.25-6.45/lb for the 2/3 lbs and USD 6.35-6.55/lb for the 3/4 lbs, all FOB MIA prices. An upward pricing pressure was noted due to the lack of salmon from the Canadian West Coast.

Canada: Plan Outlines First Nations-Led Salmon Farming Transition in British Columbia (Jan 19)

A new report details how the First Nations right to self-determination and reconciliation could lead the way to a successful transition plan for salmon farming in British Columbia. The report, called BC Salmon Aquaculture Transition: Then & Now, also outlines how the sector’s deep history of innovation supports the federal government’s vision for BC aquaculture, reconciliation, food security, the blue economy and climate friendly protein production.

Chile: Chilean Coho Salmon Producers Attempt to Diversify the Market (Jan 18)

At the beginning of the salmon season in Chile, many companies wanted to diversify the Coho salmon market, attempting to position the product as equal to Atlantic salmon in terms of price, remarking the product was antibiotic-free. However, in W3, the cost of Coho salmon remains the same as in previous seasons, at around USD 7/kg compared to Atlantic salmon at USD 8/kg. Suppliers are offering high prices for a few local reprocessing companies.

Chile: Stable Pricing for Chilean Coho Salmon in W3 (Jan 20)

In Chile during W3, the market for farmed Coho salmon, also known as Pacific salmon, has set the price for the premium grade at USD 7.80/kg CIF Europe. The price is forecasted to remain stable until the end of the harvesting season in February. Other grades, such as "Grade" and "Industrial" have a lower price, with a difference of USD 0.40/grade. The price point for premium-grade Coho salmon may increase demand for its high-quality farmed fish, while lower grades may be cost-effective options for buyers.

Japan: Salmon Farming Investment in 2023 (Jan 17)

In Japan, Salmon imports were more challenging in 2022 due to rising prices and the effects of currency rates. As a result, many companies are investing in salmon farming in 2023. Overseas companies are also investing in Japanese salmon farming, and they seem to be concentrating on land-based farming as opposed to marine farming. Salmon imports in Japan are expected to drop in the upcoming years.

Turkey: Sea Bream, Sea Bass, and Turkish Salmon Led Aquaculture Exports in 2022 (Jan 20)

Sea Bream, Sea Bass, and Turkish Salmon ranked first in Turkey's aquaculture exports to 96 countries in 2022. Turkish suppliers exported 245,760MT of fishery products in 2022, worth USD 1.61B. A total of 71K MT sea bream was exported worth USD 372M, followed by 65K MT sea bass worth USD 504M and 50K MT Turkish Salmon worth USD 364M. Russia, Italy, and the United Kingdom led the way in the countries with the highest exports.


Vietnam: Shrimp Exports Reached the Highest Level Ever in 2022 (Jan 20)

According to the Vietnam Association of Seafood Exporters and Producers (VASEP), in 2022, Vietnam's shrimp exports reached a record USD 4.3B, up 11% compared to 2021. This was also the first year of exported shrimp crossing the USD 4b USD mark. Despite a sharp decrease, down 23% compared to 2021, the US was still the largest market for Vietnamese shrimp in the past year with USD 807M, followed by the EU with USD 691M, Japan with USD 671M, China - Hong Kong with USD 664M, Korea with USD 468M and Australia with USD 272M.


Vietnam: Tuna Exports Generated Over USD 1B in Revenue (Jan 18)

Vietnam's tuna exports reached the target of USD 1B in 2022, up 34% over the same period in 2021. According to statistics of Vietnam Customs, Vietnam's tuna products have been exported to 99 markets around the world. In which, the US, EU, CPTPP, Israel, Thailand, Russia and Philippines are the largest tuna import markets of Vietnam, accounting for 92% of the total export value. For the whole year of 2022, tuna exports to the US increased by 44%, reaching nearly USD 487M.

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