W37: Hazelnut Update

In W37 in the hazelnut landscape, in the United States (US), Oregon hazelnut prices for 2023 have been set at a minimum of USD 0.45 to 0.55 per pound (lb), reflecting only a slight increase from the previous year. This pricing was negotiated between hazelnut packers and the Hazelnut Growers Bargaining Association. Varieties with higher ratios will receive at least USD 0.55/lb, while a middle tier of cultivars will get at least USD 0.50/lb, and those with lower crack-out ratios, often sold in-shell, will be paid a minimum of USD 0.45/lb. The Hazelnut Growers of Oregon cooperative will provide an advance payment of USD 0.30/lb in mid-November to help farmers cover expenses, with later payments in December, April, and July to compensate for the full market price.

Turkey, a major global hazelnut producer, holds a significant position in hazelnut production, with 70% of the world's total hazelnut cultivation. The country generates around USD 2 billion in annual revenue from hazelnut exports, exporting approximately 300 thousand tons of hazelnut kernels. The Soil Products Office, a subsidiary of the Turkish Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry, plays a pivotal role in overseeing this commodity by setting hazelnut purchase prices, which stand at USD 2.96 per kilogram (TRY 80/kg). Turkey's Black Sea coast provinces, particularly Ordu and Giresun, are renowned for hazelnut farming. Turkey aims to maintain its preeminent role in global hazelnut production and exports.

Lastly, in Sept-23, Ukrainian walnut prices decreased due to a high harvest and export challenges, with a kilogram of walnuts now costing around USD 5.41(EUR 5.08/kg) compared to USD 6.01/kg (EUR 5.64/kg) in Sept-22. Hazelnut prices remain stable at USD 8.68/kg (EUR 8.15/kg). Ukraine ranks fourth in global walnut production, with forecasts suggesting potential growth in hazelnut production over the next 2 to 3 years. The largest consumers of these nuts include Germany, Italy, Turkey, France, and China, presenting potential markets for Ukrainian nut exports. 

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