W37: Mandarin Update

In W37 in the mandarin landscape, the global production of mandarins is expected to decrease by 900 thousand tons to 36.9 million tons due to a decline in China, the European Union (EU), and Morocco. The drop in mandarin production in the EU is expected to be 4% year-over-year (YoY), reaching 3.03 million tons, despite improvements in Greece. Morocco is expected to experience a 32% YoY decrease in mandarin production due to drought and high temperatures, resulting in a drop in domestic consumption and exports. Meanwhile, South Africa is expected to achieve its highest mandarin production in the last twelve years, reaching 680 thousand tons.

On Aug-23, the EU intercepted 11 shipments from South Africa infected with the black spot causing quarantine pest Phyllosticta Citricarpa. This brings South Africa's black spot interceptions to 33, compared to just one in 2022. The Valencian Farmers Association (AVA-ASAJA) has closed the border to South African citrus imports due to the phytosanitary risk and South Africa's inability to guarantee their safety. AVA-ASAJA has also led the world in detecting incidents, registering 153 non-compliances with special or documentation requirements, invalid production unit numbers, expiration dates, and mismatches in declared means of transport.

Due to extreme heat conditions, Spain is facing a delayed start to its Satsuma tangerine season, which will begin in late W37 or early W38. The initial mandarin variety to be harvested will be the Okitsu, but it is anticipated that there will be low volumes due to the impact of water scarcity caused by the heat. Consequently, the tangerines will be smaller in size, and as a result of limited supply, higher prices are expected. Moreover, the Satsuma mandarin season will commence in early Oct-23, primarily featuring smaller-sized Oronules. While availability and quality are expected to be excellent, smaller sizes will be predominant. The Clemenules variety will follow as a continuation of the Satsuma variety.

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