W37: Watermelon Update

In W37 in the watermelon landscape, Ukrainian farmers have reported an average 42% surge in watermelon prices in W37, with purchase prices ranging from USD 0.22 to 0.40 per kilogram (UAH 8 to 15/kg). This price increase is linked to an imbalance in market supply and demand. Nevertheless, even with the price hike, watermelons in Ukraine are currently 50% more affordable than they were during the same period last year. The reduced supply of medium varieties results from delays in crop yields, but demand for these products has been steadily rising over the past two weeks.

Rising temperatures exceeding 30°C in Europe have driven up the demand for watermelons. This demand surge has benefited the Spanish outdoor watermelon campaign, which encountered two major challenges. The first challenge was the impact of the May-23 rains, which significantly affected yields and quality. The second challenge occurred in Jul-23 when there was a shortage in the watermelon market due to insufficient quantity of watermelons to meet customer demand during the peak period.

Moreover, the ongoing melon and watermelon campaign in Castilla-La Mancha expects to continue its late-cycle collection in Sep-23 and Oct-23. Approximately 30% of melons and 20% of watermelons are yet to be harvested, depending on weather conditions. In 2023, farmers in the region planted over 5.6 thousand hectares (ha) of melon and 3.2 thousand ha of watermelon, accounting for more than 25 to 30% of national planting. ASAJA Ciudad Real predicts a final production of 420 thousand tons of these fruits and vegetables. The campaign encourages farmers to persist in strategic planning, research, seed selection, and variety selection to enhance product quality and extend marketing periods. The campaign aims to secure better prices for crops and elevate product quality.

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