W38: Plum & Prune Update

Published Sep 29, 2023
W38: Plum & Prune Update

In W38 in the plum and prune landscape, in Germany, the domestic plum varieties such as Damson, Presenta, Hauszwetsche, Tophit, and Fellenberg were still dominant in the market. Tophit and Topend plum varieties were introduced in Frankfurt. Although the assortment was marginally constrained due to the domestic season nearing its end in some regions, the plum quality remained good, with appropriate coloration and shelf life. Traders noted price increases in certain regions due to size and quality variations. Despite limited availability and declining interest, the overall evaluations remained stable.

Moldovan plum imports strengthened their position in the German market in W38, while supplies from Serbia and North Macedonia remained largely unchanged from W37. Eastern European plums garnered significant attention in Munich and Berlin, even though interest in Frankfurt was relatively low. Stanley plum prices reached USD 1.58 per kilogram (kg) in Berlin, Germany.

The Węgierka plum demand remained steadfast in Poland due to its consistent superiority in taste and properties despite its notable difference in size compared to the new plum varieties. The Węgierka supply on the Bronisze market diminished in W38 compared to the same period in 2022. Plum varieties like President and Tophit enjoyed ample availability compared to Węgierka plums. However, the relatively constrained Węgierka supply vis-à-vis continued demand permits fruit growers to secure slightly elevated selling prices, which currently fluctuate between USD 0.80/kg and USD 0.91/kg at the wholesale level. In the Grójec Basin, Węgierka plums were priced at USD 0.68/kg for fruits above 26 millimeters (mm) in diameter, while purple varieties exceeding 35 mm in diameter increased to USD 0.57/kg.

Lastly, the plum harvest in the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, located in northwest China, is expected to boom in 2023. Experts highlight the excellent taste and rich nutritional value of the plums, particularly their high anthocyanin content, which has garnered significant popularity among consumers both domestically and globally. Jiashi County holds the top spot in China for plum cultivation area and production. With an impressive 30 thousand hectares (ha) of plum plantations, the county anticipates a remarkable production of 230 thousand metric tons (mt) in 2023. This robust plum harvest is expected to contribute significantly to the regional and national economy.

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