W45: Oats Update

Published Nov 18, 2023
W45: Oats Update

In W45 in the oats landscape, in Russia's Altai region, farmers have successfully threshed 286 thousand metric tons (mt) of oats with a yield exceeding 1.4 mt per hectare (ha). Specialists from the Altai branch assessed 37% of the collected volume, categorizing 7.5% as first-class oats, 22.5% as second-class, over 21% as third-class, and 47.5% as fourth-class oats. Additionally, the Trans-Baikal region reported a 7.7% year-on-year (YoY) increase in grain yield, producing 73 thousand mt of oats. Furthermore, in 2023, the Krasnoyarsk Territory witnessed a significant boost in the volume of exports for grain and oilseeds, including 32.9 thousand mt of oats.

Scientists from the Urals and the Far East have successfully developed a new variety of spring oats that boast large grains and high yields. According to the Ural Federal Agrarian Research Center of the Ural Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences, the average yield of this new variety is at 4.9 mt/ha, 12% higher than the standard. The variety, named "Pokrov 2," effectively combines coarse grain with low filminess, high grain yield, green mass, and dry matter. It outperforms the standard variety "Universal-1" in terms of resistance to major diseases like crown rust and loose smut. The mid-season variety has a growing season duration of 77-84 days. The "Pokrov 2" variety has shown excellent performance in the climatic conditions of the Khabarovsk Territory and the Amur Region. This development holds promise for enhancing oat cultivation and productivity in the regions where it has been tested.

Brazil's grain harvest projection for 2023 faces a downward trend, as indicated by data from the Systematic Production Survey Agricultural Survey (LSPA) for Oct-23, released by the Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics (IBGE). Specifically, the oats harvest is anticipated to decrease by 12.6% month-on-month (MoM) to 156.342 thousand mt compared to the forecasts from Sept-23.

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