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W45: Weekly Tomato Update

Updated Nov 18, 2022
Tridge's global market analysts and country representatives look into what happened in W45 in the global tomato landscape. In summary, the Turkish tomato quota statement from the Russian Ministry of Agriculture, and Turkey’s greenhouse vegetable harvest have begun, with prices decreasing in W45 due to high supply. Egypt's national program for vegetable seed production organizes an orientation day for the first tomato hybrid. Tomato prices dropped considerably in Belgium in W44. Brazil faces high temperatures, tomato moth, and a low volume of ripe tomatoes, creating a price rise in October. United States tomatoes are affected by a water crisis and rising prices. Tomato prices increase by 38% WoW at a Costa Rican farmer's market. Tomatoes of all origins are currently sold at low price levels in the French market due to the high volumes of tomatoes available. The Italian table tomato market is experiencing dimensional growth. Mexican Roma tomato prices are forecasted to increase and keep a volatile tendency in November in the McAllen market. Moroccan tomato producers can double their exports due to the modernization of greenhouses and increased demand from Europe. Sensor-based drip system helps save water in tomato plants and increases productivity in Nigeria. Finally, the Polish wholesale market sales experienced a normal sales volume in W44 with an upward trend in tomatoes.


Turkish Tomato Quota Statement From the Russian Ministry of Agriculture (Nov 8)

Turkey has not yet filled its quota for tomato shipments to Russia this year, and the shipment volume has reached 300K tons for now. The 2022 quota determined by Russia for Turkish tomatoes is 350K tons. Deputy Minister Lut noted that the production of greenhouse tomatoes increased by 7.7% in the first three quarters of the year.

Turkey’s Greenhouse Vegetable Harvest Has Begun, With Prices Decreasing in W45 Due to High Supply (Nov 12)

The winter harvest season began in October in the greenhouses along the coast of Antalya, Turkey's center for greenhouse production. The total greenhouse production area in Turkey is over 80K ha, with Antalya leading at 30K ha, followed by Mersin and Adana. With the harvest of new products, the prices of many products and varieties decreased, especially for tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, and eggplants. The wholesale price of tomatoes decreased from USD 0.80-1.20/kg in W44 to USD 0.60-0.80/kg in W45. The price of pepper of different varieties decreased from USD 1.00-USD 3.20/kg in W44 to USD 0.80-2.80/kg in W45. Exports to Russia and Ukraine continue despite the conflict. Exports to Europe also continued in the same way as before due to high demand from Europe as the newly harvested products were available.


The National Program for Vegetable Seed Production Organizes an Orientation Day for the First Tomato Hybrid (Nov 9)

The National Program for the production of vegetable seeds held an “indicative field day” for the first tomato hybrid “707” of its production and planted in Somasta Center, Beni Suef Governorate, in cooperation with the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations “FAO” as part of a project to propagate and encourage local seeds and hybrids in Egypt. The National Program for Vegetable Seed Production held an "indicative field day" for the first tomato hybrid "707" of its production plant in Somasta Center, Beni Suef Governorate. The total areas planted with the tomato crop amount to about 500K feddans and are planted in three loops, including the summer, indigo, and winter loops.


Tomato Price Dropped Considerably, Peak in Organic Cucumber Price (Nov 9)

The tomato price has been in free fall since mid-October 2022. On W44, that free fall for loose tomatoes came to a halt. This is evident from figures from the Association of Belgian Horticultural Cooperatives (VBT) for W44. The price overview also shows a fall in the bell pepper price, while the cucumber price is experiencing a new peak. Similar to loose tomatoes, the fall in the price of vine tomatoes also seems to have stopped, now that the price fluctuated around three-quarters of euros per kilo on Tuesday.


High Temperatures and Tomato Moth (Nov 7)

Tuta Absoluta or tomato moth can cause losses of up to 100% in crops, especially in the driest months of the year. The Brazilian estimate is 3,528,984 tons of tomatoes to be harvested this year. Because of the rain, according to professor Regiane Cristina de Oliveira, the insect almost disappears.

Tomato Prices Soar in October 2022 (Nov 11)

The price of tomatoes rose again in October 2022 after inflation accelerated again in the country. According to data released by the Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics (IBGE), the official index registered an increase after three consecutive deflations. The National Broad Consumer Price Index considered the country's official inflation, which accelerated to 0.59% in October, according to data released last Thursday. Among the items that rose the most in October, is the tomato with a high of 17% as indicated by the price index. Another factor that contributed to the increase in prices was the stoppage on highways across the country in the last month, the flow of tomatoes has already normalized in recent weeks, but even so, prices are still high wholesale.

Even With the End of Stoppages, Tomato’s Wholesale Prices Go Up (Nov 11)

The number of ripe tomatoes in the fields was very low, generating a shortage of the product in the markets. As a result, the week ended with prices rising in most wholesale markets: at Ceagesp (SP), tomatoes were traded at R$88.75, an increase of 13.29% compared to the previous week; in Belo Horizonte (MG), prices were R$ 91.66, 9.68% higher and, in Campinas (SP), prices were R$ 123.33, up 23.33%. The only exception was Rio de Janeiro (RJ), where prices closed at an average of R$ 75.00.

Costa Rica

Tomato Prices Increase by 38% In One Week at Costa Rican Farmer’s Markets (Nov 7)

Tomato prices increase by 38% in one week at Costa Rican farmer's markets. At the same time, the cost of chili dulce (peppers), carrots, bananas, lettuce 'Americana,' and potatoes also rose to 13% in the last week. The foods that most fell in price at the farmer's fairs were the national Hass-type avocado, yellow onion, and plantain.


Low Tomato Prices in the French Market in W44 Due to High Supply (Nov 9)

Tomatoes of all origins are currently sold at low price levels in the French market due to the high volumes of tomatoes available. In W44, French merchants are offering no more than USD 0.44/kg for tomatoes of Moroccan origin at an open price at DAP Perpignan. At this price offered, the production costs are not covered, hence Moroccan producers have more interest in selling their tomatoes domestically. Market players believe that the price has reached its lowest level and will increase over the next several weeks as supply drops.


Tomato Market in Italy Is Experiencing a Dimensional Growth (Nov 10)

The Italian table tomato market is experiencing dimensional growth. Among the factors contributing to its expansion are average production and consumption which is increasing over the long term. The product has managed over the years to be valued more and more, considering that the prices at the origin are also growing. And, despite the increase in prices, there are growing sales in large-scale distribution chains, albeit with great differences between discount stores, supermarkets, and hypermarkets.


Increasing Prices of Mexican Roma Tomatoes in W44 in the McAllen Market (Nov 7)

Mexican Roma tomato prices are forecasted to increase and keep a volatile tendency in November in the McAllen market. In W44, the product is hard to find in the distributor's warehouse, and the available products have quality issues. The volume entering the McAllen market is decreasing weekly. Prices quoted for Jumbo and XLarge are USD 29-31/25lbs in W44. Michoacan is the main producing region in this part of the season (August to December) and is starting its second harvesting stage. However, there are volume problems with the production due to the weather.


Moroccan Tomato Producers Can Double Exports (Nov 7)

Moroccan tomato producers can double their exports due to the modernization of greenhouses and increased demand from Europe. Most Moroccan producers are currently working with several Canarian greenhouses, and we plan to replace them with climate-controlled greenhouses. APEFEL producers are also targeting export destinations in Africa, where the demand for Moroccan tomatoes is still new but growing.

Moroccan Tomato Growers Can Double Exports (Nov 8)

Even though they seem to have reached a glass ceiling, Moroccan tomato growers say they have the potential to double their exports. Moroccan Association of Fruit and Vegetable Exporting Producers (APEFEL) APEFEL says they are ready to respond to new market demands while maintaining the high quality of their products. They expect a return of the Russian market when the restrictions related to the political situation are lifted. The demand for Moroccan tomatoes is still new but continues to grow.

Tomato Growers in Morocco Want to Double Exports (Nov 10)

The Moroccan Association of Fruit and Vegetable Exporters (APEFEL) announced its plans to double tomato exports. Exports will be directed to new markets, including the African market, where Moroccan tomatoes have gained popularity. Between 2021/2022, Morocco's tomatoes had a 19% increase in exports compared to the previous harvest. There were more than 670K tons of tomatoes. Moroccan growers plan to capitalize on the production crisis in Europe by responding to the growing demand for tomatoes while maintaining “high-quality products at affordable prices for consumers,” says President of the Moroccan Association of Fruit and Vegetable Exporters Laraisse Esserghini. However, the water crisis in Morocco poses a challenge to the local production of water-intensive crops, such as tomatoes.


Arrests in Belgium for Possible Illegal Use of the Tomato Virus Vaccine (Nov 9)

Belgian police searched three houses in Antwerp. They are investigating the development and use of a banned vaccine against the Tomato Brown Rugose Virus (ToBRFV). A company was suspected of deliberately infecting tomato plants with the virus to make them resistant.


Irrigation With Sensors Saves Water in Tomato Plants in Nigeria (Nov 8)

Sensor-based drip system helps save water and increases productivity. The technology allows water shortages, when perceived, to trigger an irrigation controller, releasing water for the tomatoes. According to the study carried out by the Nigerians, the drip system is based on an automatic sensor installed at a depth of 15 centimeters.


Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Sales in the Polish Wholesale Market in W44 at an Average Volume (Nov 9)

Polish wholesale market sales experienced a normal sales volume in W44 with an upward trend only on Sunday. Italian grapes of all varieties seem to be the most demanded product, followed by Turkish lemons, and lastly, mandarins of South African origin. As of November 6, prices in the Bronisze Wholesale market are as follows:

USD 18.49-19.35/18kg box Banana, Ecuador origin

USD 1.40-1.51/kg box of Lemon, Spain origin

USD 1.16-1.20/kg Lemon, Turkey origin

USD 6.88/4.5kg Cucumber, Spain origin

USD 1.40/kg Cucumber, Belarus origin

USD 7.10-7.53/4.5kg Cucumber, Greek origin

USD 0.86/kg Cucumber, Albania origin

USD 1.72/kg Cucumber, Poland origin

USD 7.53/5kg Red Bell Pepper, Poland origin

USD 10.32/5kg Red Bell Pepper, Spain Origin

USD 8.17-8.60/6kg Red tomato, Poland origin

USD 13.98/6kg Pink Tomato Extra, Poland origin

USD 6.88/6kg Tomato, Turkey origin

USD 5.38/6kg Tomato, Morocco origin

USD 8.60/6kg Tomato, Poland origin

USD 8.17/6kg Tomato, Spain origin

USD 1.94-2.15/kg Mandarin, South African origin

USD 0.22-1.51/kg Mandarin, Spain origin

USD 12.90/8.2kg Grapes White, Italy origin

USD 10.75/8.2kg Grapes Red Globe, Spain origin

USD 0.86/kg Grapes Black, Moldova origin 

United States

Future for Tomato Processing in California, United States (Nov 10)

In a report produced in mid-October, the CNN television channel explained that California’s tomato farmers are getting squeezed by the water crisis as growing costs continue to rise. The final processing result for California industries was published on November 10, 2022, at 9.514M MT (or 10.487M short tonnes), 99.9% of the revised target as of August 31 and 86% of the original target of 11.07M MT.


Tomato Prices in Uzbekistan Are Breaking Records and Are Already Higher Than in Russia (Nov 9)

Prices for tomatoes in Uzbekistan update records. In the country, which is the largest exporter of tomatoes in the region, prices are currently at the highest level, EastFruit analysts say. The wholesale price of a tomato in Uzbekistan is currently 61% higher than in neighboring Tajikistan, which is an importer. Also in Uzbekistan, prices are one and a half times higher than in Georgia and Moldova.Uzbekistan

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