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W52: Tomato Weekly Report

Updated Jan 4, 2023
Tridge's global market analysts and country representatives analyze what happened in W52 in the global tomato market. In summary, Spain's tomato crop has decreased due to pests and drought. To further increase the quality of tomatoes, 80 tomato hybrids produced were evaluated on December 30, 2022. In Brazil, total tomato production was reduced in December 2022. According to 2021 comparisons, Bulgaria's overall tomato production has decreased. Nigerian tomato farmers are concerned since the dry season has begun and the 2023 elections are approaching. Producers are also concerned because the price of agricultural inputs, particularly fertilizer, is high. As of December 1, 2022, the total amount of processed tomato products in stock in the US was around 7.6M short tons (6.895 MT).


Tomato Supply Reduces in December 2022 in Brazil (Dec 29)

The second phase of the winter tomato crop began to slow in December 2022, and the slow-moving summer harvest for 2022/23 started to intensify. The expectation is that the number of tomatoes harvested in summer squares will reach a peak between January and February 2023. The supply remains lower compared to what happened during the second half, and prices rose compared to November 2022, remaining above production costs.


We Produce and Process Less and Less Tomatoes and Cucumbers in Bulgaria (Dec 30)

In Bulgaria, the latest forecasts for 2022's harvest point to a 7% drop in total tomato production to 108K T. The processed quantities of tomatoes for 2022 are expected to fall to 30.2K T, while in 2021 it reached 31.4K tons. In the coming years, a decrease in the absolute quantities of tomatoes, peppers, and cucumbers imported into the country can be expected. Local processors are under pressure from outside sources, particularly if they lack primary production.


Nigerian Farmers Are Reorienting Their Production From Tomatoes to Wheat (Dec 30)

Tomato growers in Nigeria are worried as dry season farming has started, and since the 2023 elections are approaching, the agricultural input costs, particularly fertilizer, are high. Despite the expectation of a bountiful harvest of tomatoes, the current situation has prompted many of them to switch to growing other crops instead of tomatoes this 2023 season.

United States of America

US Processed Tomato Stocks-On-Hand Report for December 1, 2022 (Dec 30)

Total inventories of U.S. processed tomato products were approximately 7.6M short tons (6.895MT) as of December 1, 2022, according to a report released on December 27, 2022, by the California League of Food Producers. Inventory is down 8.5% from the prior year's level. 


Industrial Tomato Production in Spain Decreases Because of Nematode (Dec 26)

The production of tomatoes dropped by an average of 60% in Spain. According to producers, the harvest of industrial tomatoes in Spain's producing regions was poor. The low production was due to severe drought and pests such as nematode, which is increasingly resistant to treatments.

Agriculture Organizes an Event to Evaluate 80 Tomato Hybrids Within the National Program for Vegetable Seed Production in Spain (Dec 29)

A field day has been held at Qaha Research Farm to evaluate 80 tomato hybrids produced by the National Program for Vegetable Seed Production. The program seeks to produce high-yielding, high-quality, early-ripening vegetable seeds of the major vegetable crops in sufficient quantities.

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