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W1 Strawberry Update: Morocco Sees Demand Surge, While Korea Makes Historic Market Entries with Diverse Export

Fresh Strawberry
South Korea
Market & Price Trends
Published Jan 12, 2024

Moroccan Wild Strawberries Thrive Due to Year-End Demand

Moroccan wild strawberries experienced increased demand in local and export markets, particularly in European countries like the United Kingdom (UK) and France. Growers from Larache noted strong demand during the holiday season, with high export volumes. The market remains dynamic, with expectations of peak harvest and demand in February. However, concerns arise over persistent drought in Larache, impacting water availability for farming. Producers are diversifying crops, reducing strawberry cultivation in favor of blueberries. Despite challenges, the strawberry sector adapts to market dynamics, emphasizing the need for sustainable water management amid changing climate conditions.

South Korea's Hadong Achieves Milestone as Okjong Strawberries Debut in UK and Saudi Arabia

Hadong, South Korea's Okjong strawberries make history with exports to the UK and Saudi Arabia. In a milestone event attended by local officials, 300 kilograms (kg) of Okjong strawberries valued at USD 7 thousand are set for export to the UK via H-MART. Additionally, 600 kg of strawberries worth USD 14 thousand are bound for Saudi Arabia, marking Korea's debut in these markets. The Hadong County Governor's Overseas Market Development Team secured a USD 3.2 million export deal, showing a 172.6% year-on-year (YoY) increase in UK exports from USD 45 thousand to USD 124 thousand.

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