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W15 Mango Update: US Mango Imports Surged by 9% WoW, Peruvian Mango Season Ends with a Decrease in Exports, and Vietnam's Mango Production Set to Increase

Fresh Mango
Saint Barthélemy
Published Apr 15, 2024
In W15 in the mango landscape, mango exports to the US increased by 9% WoW, with 2.53 million boxes exported. Meanwhile, the Peruvian fresh mango season ended with a low volume of exports, with 1.4 thousand tons in W14, a 68% WoW decrease. In Ahmedabad, India, mango retail prices surge amid high demand, but the demand for Kesar mangoes is expected to alleviate the price surge. Lastly, Vietnam's mango production is set to increase by 30% with reduced costs, with a project funded by the Netherlands-Vietnam Health Committee aiming to improve mango quality and minimize input costs.

US Mango Imports Surged by 9% WoW and Continued Growth Forecast

The National Mango Board reported a significant 9% week-over-week (WoW) increase in mango exports to the United States (US) for the week ending April 30, totaling 2.53 million boxes. This growth is due to exports from Mexico, Guatemala, and Nicaragua. The main varieties shipped were Tommy Atkins and Ataulfo/Honey. Mexico and Guatemala saw shipments increase by 4% and 84%, respectively, while Nicaragua's shipments dropped by 42%. The forecast for W14 to W19 suggests a modest 1% YoY export increase.

Peruvian Fresh Mango Season Ends with Low Volume

The Peruvian fresh mango season is set to end with a low volume, with exports totaling 1.4 thousand tons in W14, a decrease of 68% WoW. The main markets for fresh mango varied greatly, with the Netherlands ranking first with 41%, followed by the US with 32%, and Spain with 7%. Shipments to the Netherlands totaled 33.1 thousand tons, a 66% YoY decrease. Shipments to the North American market decreased by 74% YoY, while Spain received 5.4 thousand tons, a 51% YoY decrease.

Ahmedabad's Mango Retail Prices Surge Amidst High Demand

In Ahmedabad, India, mango consumption is rising, with nearly 300 tons consumed daily, including 100 kilograms (kg) of Ratnagiri Alphonso. Retail prices have increased to USD 2.4 per kilogram (INR 200/kg), with some varieties even higher. However, the demand for Kesar mangoes is expected to alleviate the price surge, with an anticipated increase in supply leading to prices dropping to USD 7.19/10 kg box (INR 600/10 kg box). Mangoes from Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka contribute to the variety available, and prices are expected to decrease as the season progresses. Despite the higher prices, mango enthusiasts remain dedicated to enjoying the seasonal fruit.

Vietnam's Mango Production Set to Increase by 30% with Reduced Costs

The Netherlands-Vietnam Health Committee funded a project in Đồng Tháp, Vietnam, to improve mango quality and reduce input costs. The project involved 25 households in the Hòa An commune, increasing productivity by 30% to 50% and reducing input costs by USD 1,194 to 1,592 per hectare (VND 30 to 40 million/ha). The project expanded the total area from 0.5 to 1 ha and contributed to social and environmental efficiency by assisting farmers in collecting production data, analyzing and consulting, providing technical training, and optimizing fertilization. Đồng Tháp province currently has nearly 15 thousand ha of mangoes, with the brand "Xoài Cao Lãnh" protected by the National Office of Intellectual Property.

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