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W3 Grape Update: Challenges for Chilean and Peruvian Table Grape Exports, While Egyptian Export Surges Despite Controversies

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Published Jan 25, 2024

Chilean Table Grape Industry Eyes 62 Million Boxes Amid Challenges

The Chilean table grape industry anticipates reaching a production of 62 million boxes in the 2023 to 2024 season, with the Copiapó Valley's harvest kickstarting mid-Nov-23. The vice president of Uvanova, a research commission for the table grape in Chile, notes a slight delay in harvest in the central north zone due to high temperatures affecting yields. The southern zone, although behind, expects robust yields and high-quality bunches. Cruz emphasizes careful foliage and fertilization management to maintain balance. Commercially, the industry foresees an opportunity due to lower production in Peru, a major competitor. Estimated production ranges from 60 to 62 million boxes, with exports reaching 3 million boxes by week two.

Peruvian Table Grape Exports Face Decline Amid Weather Challenges

Adverse weather events, including Cyclone Yaku and El Niño, are causing a significant drop in Peruvian table grape exports this season. The accelerated season, mainly impacting the northern region, saw a shipment of 47.2 million boxes by Dec-23, surpassing the previous year. However, the overall campaign is expected to face more than a 10% year-over-year (YoY) decline compared to 2022/23. The impact is expected to be felt towards the conclusion of the campaign. Despite facing challenges, the United States (US), the leading destination of Peruvian grapes accounting for 46%, experiences heightened demand attributed to a decline in local grape production, leading to improved prices. However, industry experts emphasize the need for varietal turnover to adapt to changing climates, suggesting a shift to more resilient grape varieties.

Peruvian Sweet Globe Grapes Lead Exports with Impressive 24% YoY Growth

In the Peruvian grape export campaign (W21 2023 to W1 2024), the Sweet Globe variety has taken the lead, representing 20% of the segment's share and experiencing a remarkable 24% YoY growth compared to the last campaign. With 9.72 million boxes exported, it demonstrates significant market dominance. The Red Globe variety follows with 7.70 million boxes, accounting for a 16% share and a slight drop of 11% YoY. Autumn Crisp exhibits robust growth at 80% YoY, with 4.29 million boxes and a 9% share. The Allison and Timpson varieties also contributed, showcasing a dynamic market. In terms of grape types, seedless whites dominated with a 48% share and a notable 22% YoY growth, emphasizing their significance in the export landscape. Red and Mixed varieties also played substantial roles, reflecting the diverse market dynamics.

Despite Legal Controversies, Egyptian Table Grape Exports Surged in EU

Egypt has achieved a historic record in fresh table grape exports to Europe Union (EU) countries in 2023, surpassing 70 thousand mt from Jan-23 to Oct-24, marking a 37% YoY increase compared to the previous five years. Despite scandals involving the illegal use of protected grape varieties, exports flourished, with Jun-23 recording a 1.5 fold increase in sales compared to 2022. Key markets like the Netherlands and Germany saw significant growth, with Slovenia unexpectedly becoming the third-largest importer of Egyptian grapes.

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