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W34: Avocado Update

Fresh Avocado
Published Aug 30, 2023

In W34 in the avocado landscape, the Peruvian avocado campaign is nearing its end, with shipments decreasing after a period of growth. During W33, avocado shipments from Peru were around 19.34 thousand tons, marking a 24% decrease compared to the same week in 2022. However, the overall campaign still shows a positive trend, surpassing the previous year's figures by 21% as of W34. During this week, avocados were exported to 17 destinations, with the Netherlands, Spain, and the United States (US) being the top three recipients, accounting for 77% of all shipments. Despite a slight decline in exports to the Netherlands, shipments to Spain increased by 7%, and the US saw a 16% rise compared to the previous season.

Kenya has achieved a significant milestone by securing access to the fresh avocado market in India, boosting export trade between the two countries. The Indian government has approved the export of Kenyan avocados, with the first shipment expected to commence in September. The Kenya Plant Health Inspectorate Service (KEPHIS) confirmed this development, indicating that the approval will expand Kenya's share in the international market. The Indian government's decision followed negotiations that have been ongoing for the past five years. The approval comes with conditions such as methyl bromide fumigation of avocados to control pests or an alternative cold treatment. This move will provide a new market for Kenyan avocados, complementing existing markets in Europe and the Middle East. Kenya's avocado industry has been growing due to the premium prices the fruit commands domestically and internationally.

Morocco has emerged as a significant exporter of avocados to Germany, with exports experiencing remarkable growth in recent years. Moroccan avocado exports to Germany have surged since the 2016/17 marketing year, reaching 5 thousand tons valued at USD 17 million. Morocco has consistently broken its export records season, propelling it to become the ninth-largest avocado exporter globally. In the 2022/23 season, Morocco exported 45 thousand metric tons (mt) of avocados worth USD 139 million between Jul-22 and May-23. The country's exports have diversified across 25 importing countries. While Spain, France, and the Netherlands remain key players in avocado exports to Germany, Morocco's share of total avocado imports in Germany reached 4.7% during the 2022/23 marketing year. Avocado's popularity as a healthy food choice contributes to its rapid growth in global horticultural exports, and it is predicted to become the most exported fruit category by 2030. Despite challenges like water resource scarcity, Morocco's avocado industry is expanding, with production expected to increase by 20% compared to the previous year.

Lastly, the avocado and mango industries in the Axarquía region of Málaga, Spain, are facing severe crises, with farmers struggling to make these crops profitable. Drought, water restrictions, and suboptimal reclaimed water conditions have led to drastic harvests and production decreases, causing significant financial losses for farmers. The general secretary of the Union of Small Farmers and Cattle Raisers of Málaga (UPA) highlights the challenges faced by farmers and the decline in product quality due to water shortages. Despite the high quality of the products, low prices paid to farmers have made mangoes and avocados unprofitable. 

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