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W47 Durian Update: Decreased Supply and Low Sales of Thai Durians in the Chinese Market, and Stable Durian Prices in Vietnamese Markets

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Published Nov 30, 2023

Low Sales of Thai Durians in Zhejiang Province and Decreased Supply in Guangzhou Due to Seasonal Factors

According to the Thailand Office of Agricultural Affairs in Shanghai, Thai durian sales were relatively low in the Jia Xing market in Zhejiang Province in Oct-23. Daily sales volume averaged around 110 to 130 durians, with only 20 containers originating from Thailand. This decline is due to the nearing conclusion of the durian harvest season in in the southern region, resulting in limited durian crops that meet the standards for export in terms of shape and quality.

Between November 1 and 15, 2023, Thai fruits in Guangzhou experienced a notable decrease in sales at supermarkets and fruit retail stores, which aligns with the typical seasonality of Thai fruits. While coconut, longan, and pomelo remained available, fresh Thai durians were scarce, and most durians in Guangzhou's markets during this period originated from Vietnam. However, in W47, some frozen or fresh-cut Thai durians were available, priced between USD 17 to USD 33 per kilogram (kg).

Stable Durian Prices in Vietnamese Markets as of November 26, 2023

Durian prices in the Vietnamese market were stable on November 26, 2023, with the highest purchase price for Ri6 durian in the southwestern provinces at USD 4.54/kg. Specific prices in the durian cultivation area included Ri6 durian at USD 3.92 to 4.54/kg, Thai durian at USD 5.16 to 5.16/kg, and Musang King durian at USD 6.60 to 7.84/kg. Ri6 Durian prices in the southwest region ranged from USD 3.92 to 4.54/kg, bucket durian prices ranged from USD 5.57 to 5.86/kg for Beautiful Thai durian prices at USD 5.16 to 5.57/kg. Meanwhile, durian prices in the Southeast region ranged from USD 3.92 to 4.46/kg for Beautiful Ri6 and bucket durian and USD 5.36 to 5.69/kg for Beautiful Thai durian. Prices may vary depending on the transport route or shipping area.

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