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W49 Avocado Update: Mexico Braces for Price Surge, South Africa Targets the Chinese Market, Málaga Fights Drought, and Morocco's Culinary Revolution Continues

Fresh Avocado
South Africa
Published Dec 15, 2023

Avocado Prices, Production Surge as Mexico Navigates Challenges for Quality Exports to the US in Dec-23

Despite a dip to USD 2.83 per kilogram at the Tijuana border due to oversupply, Mexico anticipates a gradual price rise in Dec-23. The market is dynamic, fueled by heightened United States (US) demand during the holiday season and reduced global supply. Mexico plans to more than double its avocado production for the US, having exported 42.83 thousand metric tons (mt), constituting 45% of total shipments. Climate challenges impacted caliber and prices, underscoring the significance of dry matter for quality control in avocado exports.

Drought Hits Málaga, 30% Loss in Avocado and Mango Harvests Sparks Urgent Preservation Calls

Due to consecutive years of drought, Spain's Málaga region confronts a 30% loss in avocado and mango trees. The avocado harvested yield, around 30 million metric tons (mmt), is half the usual amount, leading to significant economic repercussions. The Axarquía region, covering 10 thousand hectares (ha) of avocados, urgently demands measures and resources to preserve crops, highlighting the critical need for regenerated water. This situation poses a threat to households, necessitating strategic interventions to ensure agricultural sustainability.

Morocco Breaks Records, Avocado Imports Soar to 13.5 Thousand Tons in 2023 Amid Cultural Culinary Shift

Moroccan avocado imports surged to a record 13.5 thousand mt in 2023, despite robust local production, marking the highest import in eight years. The country, ranking 9th globally in avocado exports, witnesses a cultural shift as avocados become a culinary staple. In the first nine months, imports already surpassed the 2022 total, with values reaching USD 8.4 million (EUR 7.8 million). A key factor is the tourist-driven demand, aligning with Morocco's peak import season from March to September. Peru dominates supply, constituting 78% of total imports, highlighting the country's evolving avocado consumption trends and market dynamics.

South Africa Sets Sights on Rapid Growth in Chinese Avocado Market with Shortened Shipping Routes

South Africa strategically targets the profitable Chinese market, preparing for avocado exports in 2024 through advantageous trade routes. An international agreement promises expedited delivery within 15 to 30 days, outpacing Peru's 35 days. As of W49, only ten nations, including South Africa, are permitted to export avocados to China. Peru holds an 84% market share. The strategic advantage of quicker delivery positions in South Africa for substantial growth in the avocado trade aligns with the global surge in avocado demand.

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