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W49 Strawberry update: Global Fresh Strawberry Markets Surging Exports, Pricing Challenges and Innovations Drive Dynamic Industry Growth

Fresh Strawberry
South Korea
Published Dec 15, 2023

South Korean Fresh Strawberry Market Gains Global Foothold with Historic US Exports and Asian Shipments

The fresh strawberry market in South Korea is expanding its global reach. Recently, Okjong-myeon, Hadong-gun, Gyeongsangnam-do, exported 300 kilogram (kg) of 'Okjong Strawberries' worth USD 7 thousand to the United States (US). The export event, attended by the County mayor and County council chairman, marked a historic moment for Gyeongnam province. Additionally, Miryang City in Gyeongnam exported 600kg of strawberries to Hong Kong, following a previous shipment of 100kg to Indonesia. This international expansion reflects the high quality and sweet taste of South Korean strawberries.

UK Berry Industry Faces Crisis by Rising Production Costs, Threaten to Trigger Increased Berry Imports

Rising production costs spark a crisis in the United Kingdom’s (UK) strawberry industry, and growers warn of pricing mismatch and growing challenges across the berry sector. Strawberry production costs surged by USD 0.23 (GBX 18.1) per 400 gram (g) pack since 2021, with retail prices up by USD 0.34 (GBX 27), a 14.8% increase. Raspberry and blueberry sectors face similar challenges. If the pricing issue persists, the UK may increasingly rely on berry imports. The industry calls for urgent dialogue between growers and retailers to address the growing concerns.

The US Strawberry Market Grows Brighter with the USDA's Lumina Variety

The US's fresh strawberry market gets a boost with the introduction of the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA)’s new Lumina variety. Unveiled by a strawberry research geneticist, Lumina promises a vibrant start to the season with its large, sweet, and visually appealing berries. Known for its unique brightness, resembling Christmas lights, Lumina boasts a creamy texture and impressive yields. This addition addresses growers' preferences for an early, high-quality strawberry, enhancing the market outlook for the upcoming season.

DPR's Volnovakha Region Boosts Strawberry Production, Aims for Growth in Regional Market with Strategic Expansion

In the Donetsk People's Republic (DPR), the fresh strawberry market sees growth as an enterprise in the Volnovakha region that plants 5 thousand bushes for industrial production. With the entire year dedicated to development, a full harvest is expected by 2024. The strawberries, sourced from the Stavropol Territory and the Rostov Region, benefit from experienced breeders. Currently spanning 35 acres, the crop area aims to expand to 1 hectare in the coming years. This strategic expansion and investment signal positive momentum for the fresh strawberry market in the regional market.

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