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W5 Fresh Grape Update: Peruvian Grape Harvest Surges 27.6% YoY, Chilean Grape Gaining Demand Globally, and Korean Shine Muscat Makes Debut in Hong Kong Market

Fresh Grape
South Korea
Published Feb 8, 2024

Peru's Grape Harvest Surged 27.6% YoY in the 2023/24 Season

Peru's grape production surged to 152.41 thousand metric tons (mt) in Nov-23, marking a 27.6% year-on-year (YoY) rise from 119.48 thousand mt in Nov-22. The increase is due to advancing harvests aimed at foreign markets and agribusiness, per the National Institute of Statistics and Informatics (INEI) report. The regions of Ica (448.1%) and La Libertad (49.7%) significantly contributed, comprising 38.6% of the national total. Additionally, Áncash (104.1%), Arequipa (16.7%), and Cajamarca (5.7%) demonstrated positive growth. Conversely, grape production declined YoY in Lambayeque (24.1%), San Martín (10.4%), and Piura (8.9%).

Strong Demand for Chilean Grapes Across US, Latin America, Europe, and Asia

The export manager at Chilean company Acograpes expressed that market demand and prices for Chilean table grapes are flourishing globally, particularly in the United States (US), Latin America, Europe, and Asia. Prices in the US are notably higher compared to the 2023 season, fueling optimism. The harvest in Chile's northern valleys is ahead by two weeks due to favorable spring weather, while central and southern regions experience slight delays. Despite differing regional harvest schedules, Chile anticipates stable supply to markets. Favorable weather conditions and stable water availability contribute to the positive outlook for the 2024 season. Situated in Chile's Aconcagua Valley, Acograpes expects robust grape production and increasing demand, especially for the Red Globe variety. Growing demand for Chilean grapes in China indicates a promising market outlook in Asia.

Yeongcheon Premium Shine Muscat Makes Debut in Hong Kong Market

Yeongcheon City, in Korea, has initiated the export of premium Shine Muscat grapes to Hong Kong through the New Star Export Grape Crop Team, aiming to introduce the highest quality produce from the Yeongcheon region. The New Star team, dedicated to exporting top-tier Shine Muscat, ensures meticulous quality control, emphasizing selection to meet international standards. This export venture is part of Yeongcheon's efforts to promote its premium agricultural products globally, enhancing Shine Muscat's reputation during the Lunar New Year holiday. The head of the New Star Export underscores the importance of quality control for competitiveness in the Shine Muscat market. The director of the Yeongcheon City Agricultural Technology Center anticipates increased farm income through expanded exports by various crop groups.

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