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W50 Grape Update: China Expands Export Market to Belarus, Asian Rivalry on Sunshine Rose Grape, and Peru Achieves Record High Table Grape Exports

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Published Dec 22, 2023

Gansu's Fresh Grapes Enter Belarus Market and China Expands 'One Belt, One Road' Exports

China’s Gansu's fresh grapes make their debut in the Belarusian market, marking the first-ever export to the "One Belt, One Road" country. A total of 41 metric tons (mt) of fresh grapes from Dunhuang City successfully cleared customs and were shipped to Belarus through the Baktu Port in Xinjiang. This expansion into new markets reflects China's commitment to enhancing international trade opportunities for its agricultural produce. The move is facilitated by streamlined customs processes, with Lanzhou Customs implementing efficient online registration for outbound fruit packaging factories, ensuring swift approvals and minimizing processing time.

Chinese Grape Production Grow by 6% YoY Impacting On Import Drop, and Export Surge

China anticipates a 6% YoY rise in table grape production to 13.5 million metric tons (mmt) from Jun-23 to May-24. Favorable weather conditions and advanced production methods contribute to this growth. Chinese table grape imports are expected to drop by over 30% YoY to 120 thousand mt in 2023/24 due to improved domestic supply and quality. The shift to domestic grapes is notable, but increased imports from Australia are anticipated. Conversely, Chinese table grape exports are projected to increase by 23% YoY to 480 thousand mt in 2023-24, driven by enhanced supply and quality, expanding into South, Southeast, and Central Asia.

Asian Rivalry on Sunshine Rose Grape

Japan's prized "Sunshine Rose '' grape faces fierce competition as China and South Korea extensively cultivate and sell the variety at a lower cost, challenging Japan's premium market position. The surge in overseas production and reduced prices threatens Japan's "genuine brand," leading to intellectual property rights concerns. Japan estimates an annual loss of at least USD 1.4 billion (JPY 10 billion) due to unauthorized cultivation in China and other regions. This grape battle underscores evolving dynamics and heightened competition in the fresh grape industry among China, Japan, and South Korea.

Chilean Grape Producers Seek Swift Action for US Agreement Amid EU Deal, Fearing Disruptions and Economic Impact on Key Market

Chilean table grape producers urge swift implementation of the systems approach agreement with the United States (US) amid frustration over delays. The upcoming free trade agreement with the European Union (EU) raises concerns about potential disruptions. After 20 years of investment and technical efforts, the systems approach approval faces obstacles, impacting 15 thousand hectares (ha) of table grapes, 1,500 producers, and 50 thousand jobs, particularly in drought-affected northern regions. The North American market, the primary importer of Chilean table grapes with over 240 thousand tons exchanged in 2022, underscores the urgency for resolution to maintain market stability and support the industry's economic contributions.

South African Grape Growers Seize Early EU Shipments

Northern South Africa's grape growers drew substantial interest by efficiently shipping a significant portion of their harvest to the UK and EU before Christmas. With a shift towards North America due to Peru's influence on the European grape market being minimal this year, additional shipments are expected in Rotterdam and London in the coming weeks. On the other hand, South African grape producers are concerned that early Indian grape arrivals with reduced freight rates are competing with Western Cape's early green grapes in Europe and the Middle East. They are positive that the country holds an advantage with premium varieties, such as Sweet Globe and Autumn Crisp. The grape harvest progresses on schedule across the regions. The grape market, particularly for red grapes, remains robust, with port operations showing resilience despite general concerns about South African port inefficiencies.

Peru’s Table Grape With Peak Season amid Exceptional Weather to the Strong Global Markets and Record Exports

The initially challenging Peruvian table grape campaign is reaching its peak in the Ica region in W50, benefiting from exceptionally favorable weather conditions. Peru gets sustained success, with expectations of a smoother peak as the harvest in Piura concludes within the next couple of weeks. The overall positive outlook underscores the resilience and adaptability of Peru's fresh grape industry.

Peru's Table Grape Exports Hit Record High, Surging by 29% in 2023.

Peruvian fresh table grape exports marked a historic record, reaching 56.82 metric tons (mt) between January 1 and December 1, 2023, a notable 29.15% YoY increase. The surge in grape shipments has been pivotal in compensating for declines in blueberry and coffee exports. Notable contributors include Piura, Lambayeque, La Libertad, Ica, and Arequipa regions. With sustained growth, Peru anticipates a remarkable year-end performance, emphasizing the crucial role of table grapes in the country's agro-export landscape.

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