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W8 Avocado Update: European Markets Lead Avocado Consumption in 2022/23 Season, Peru Dominates Avocado Supply to Europe, Brazil's Investment in Hass Avocado Cultivation for Global Standards, and Morocco's Avocado Season Aims for Record Exports to European Markets

Published Feb 29, 2024
In W8 in the avocado landscape, the World Avocado Organization (WAO) has revealed that European markets are the largest consumers of avocados for the 2022/23 season, with France leading the pack with 150 thousand tons imported. Peru is the largest supplier, followed by Colombia, with 90.8 thousand tons. In addition, Peru's Ministry of Agriculture and SENASA has launched a 2024 avocado export campaign to enhance phytosanitary practices. Brazil is investing in Hass avocado cultivation to meet international standards. Lastly, Morocco's avocado season is potentially poised to break export records, with 70% exported to the Netherlands, Spain, Germany, and France.

France Leads Europe in Avocado Consumption for 2022/23 Season

The World Avocado Organization (WAO) has revealed that European markets are the largest consumers of avocados for the 2022/23 season. The United Kingdom (UK) and Germany are the largest consumers, with approximately 110 thousand metric tons (mt) each. France leads the pack in avocado imports, bringing in 150 thousand tons during the season. France consumes the most avocados per capita, with 2.3 kilograms per person. Scandinavia and Italy also show great appetites, with 60 thousand and 45 thousand tons, respectively.

On the other hand, Peru is the largest supplier of avocados to Europe, with 331.7 thousand tons arriving in the 2022/23 season. Colombia follows with 90.8 thousand tons, followed by Chile, Kenya, and South Africa. Germany continues to increase its avocado consumption in 2024.

Brazilian Producers in Paraná's Northern Region Aim for International Standards with Hass Avocado Cultivation

Eleven producers in the Northern region of Paraná are investing in the cultivation of Hass avocado to meet international standards and attract consumers in the global market. The production, expected to reach 80 tons this harvest, is aimed at European consumers. The avocado production area occupies 20 hectares (ha) in three municipalities and is sold to a company in Bauru, São Paulo, which exports to Europe. The proximity to significant avocado exporters facilitates commercialization, and producers earn an average income of approximately USD 7,228 (BRL 36,000).

Peru Launches 2024 Avocado Export Campaign to Enhance Phytosanitary Practices

Peru's Ministry of Agriculture, National Agricultural Health Service (SENASA), and avocado growers have jointly launched the 2024 avocado export campaign. This collaborative effort, which includes the Provincial Municipality of La Mar, regional authorities, and agro-exporting companies, focuses on training farmers in production site certification and pest management. The campaign aims to enhance crop phytosanitary conditions and integrate more small producers into the agro-export chain. With over 80% of family farmers in the Ayacucho region, Peruvian avocado is exported to 73 markets worldwide, with Hass avocado accounting for 94% of total exports. The primary destinations for 2023 include the United States (US), the European Union (UK), Chile, China, Thailand, and South Korea.

Morocco's Avocado Season Sets Sights on Record Exports Despite Challenges

Despite challenges like a damaging storm and fruit quality issues, Morocco's avocado season is potentially poised to break export records. As of January 7, 2024, the country exported 70% of its 60 thousand-ton target for the 2023/24 season, mainly to the Netherlands, Spain, Germany, and France. Despite a decrease in demand this season, the Moroccan Avocado Association remains optimistic due to favorable rainfall and substantial underground water reserves in the main production area.

Dominican Republic Urged to Navigate Avocado Market Growth Responsibly Amid Ecological Concerns

The Dominican Republic is urged to capitalize responsibly on the growing avocado market to avoid ecological issues like Mexico. The global avocado market reached USD 13.97 billion in 2021 and is expected to surpass USD 26 billion by 2030. The Dominican Republic is the fifth largest avocado producer globally, with the US being the primary destination. The country's success in cultivating avocado varieties, particularly Hass and Green Peel, is attributed to its tropical location.

Kenyan Avocado Exports Set to Resume on March 1 as Ban is Lifted

Kenya's Horticulture Crops Directorate (HCD) will lift its suspension on exporting Hass, Pinkerton, Fuerte, and Jumbo avocado varieties by sea on March 1, 2024. However, ocean export sizes for Fuerte and Hass varieties will remain limited to 184 grams (g). The Kenya Agri-Food Authority (AFA) has confirmed that avocados grown on the farm are ripe and meeting export volumes. AFA-HCD has sent a guideline requiring all exports to be subject to inspection. Kenyan agricultural company Kakuzi PLC will offer free avocado ripeness testing services for small farmers.

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