The risk of falling prices in the Peruvian mandarin market due to worsening volatility

Fresh Mandarin
Published Aug 13, 2021
Price volatility of mandarin oranges began to decline in 2020, indicating the value is still above 0.4 USD per KG. Whereas in 2019, prices volatility level even reached -10% in the last week of January and the exchange rate increased by 20% before July. As was the case in 2019, prices experienced a decline throughout early January to March 2020. While faster price movements occur in 2021 as annual volatility reaches 105.3% and prices are below 0.4 USD per KG. The price decline is likely to attract importers to buy Peruvian mandarins, so producers must be able to manage mandarin production well as not to worsen prices due to oversupply.
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