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Early Autumn Greek Table Grapes Characterized by Low Quality at High Prices

Fresh Grape
Sustainability & Environmental Impact
Theodoros Damvakaris
Published Aug 30, 2023
Greek vineyards have faced significant challenges in the 2023 season due to adverse weather conditions, including late flowering, early summer heatwaves, drought, and unexpected rains in August. The most affected grape varieties are black grapes, followed by Thompson seedless grapes in the North Peloponnese.

Only small quantities of early autumn grapes have been exported as Brix levels remain low and berry size is subpar for West European markets. The 2023 season will be rewarding for producers whose vineyards survive these extreme weather conditions, as prices are high, driven by reduced production in Spain and Italy. However, the availability of export quality table grapes is limited, and major retailers are cautious about paying high prices for uncertain quality.
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