On-the-Ground Update

Brazilian chicken exports fall, but Asia and Egypt bought more

Published Aug 19, 2020
Brazilian exports of chicken meat totalized 364.6 thousand tons in July, a volume 5.7% lower than that registered in July 2019. All products are considered, between fresh and processed. Revenue in the period was USD 498.2 million, 25% less in the same comparison. The data are from the Brazilian Association of Animal Protein (ABPA, in Portuguese).

Shipments to Asia were highlighted by ABPA. 988.3 thousand tons were exported to the region in the first seven months of the year, a volume 12.7% higher than that registered in the same period of 2019. China was the main destination, with 406.8 thousand tons, up 29%. Singapore, the Philippines and Vietnam were other highlights.

In the Arab bloc, there was a 7% drop in volume in the accumulated result for the year compared to last year, totaling 853.3 thousand tons. Saudi Arabia, which leads shipments, purchased 245 thousand tons, 13% less in the same comparison. The United Arab Emirates, the second-largest buyer of Brazilian chicken in the block, totaled 173,100 tonnes from January to July, down 21% in the same comparison.

Among those that had growth in the period are Libya, with an increase of 100%, totaling 39.3 thousand tons; Bahrain, which purchased 24.4 thousand tons, a 50% increase; Jordan grew 33%, totaling 37.4 thousand tons in the period; Egypt purchased 47,500 tonnes, up 27%; and Qatar grew 17%, totaling 51.2 thousand tons. Egypt opened, at the end of July, its market for chicken derivatives produced in Brazil, which allows the export of products such as nuggets and sausages.
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