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Turkish Wheat, Barley and Oat Prices Increase Slightly While Rye Rose Sharply in W40

Mehmet Unluyurt
Updated Oct 17, 2022
According to Commodity Exchanges and TURIB average prices the Turkish cereal market did not have large movements on prices in W40 except for rye. Wheat, barley and oat prices experienced a slight increase while rye experienced a sharp increase. The average price of bread wheat increased from USD 356.11/MT (TL 6,619) to USD 362.35/MT (TL 6,735) in W40. Similarly, durum wheat prices increased from USD 409.21/MT (TL 7,606) to USD 415.08/MT (TL 7,715). Barley prices also increased by about USD 5.38/MT (TL 100) from USD 319.63/MT (TL 5,941) to USD 325.55/MT (TL 6,051). Corn prices decreased by USD 2.69/MT (TL 50). Rye prices exhibited the largest average increase in W40 of USD 16.14/MT (TL 300).
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