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Early Greek Bostana Watermelon Exports Begin Amidst Chilly European Weather

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Theodoros Damvakaris
Published Apr 22, 2024
The first exports of Greek Bostana round-shaped seeded watermelons began by the end of the last week of Apr-24, marking the earliest start to the season. These products aim to meet demand in Central Europe's markets and maximize profits for growers and traders. However, a challenging factor is the recent cold weather in Europe since the 3rd weekend of April. Cloudy skies and temperatures dropping below zero in countries like Belgium, Germany, and Austria are reducing the appeal of summer fruits, including watermelons, and increasing interest in apples and citrus fruits. Despite the weather challenges, farmers are reporting prices above USD 1.20 USD per kilogram (kg) for watermelons, which is typical for the beginning of the watermelon season.
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