On-the-Ground Updates

Domestic Taiwanese Cantaloupes Compete with Imported Melons in the Vietnamese Market in W20

Logan Pham
Published May 26, 2024
Traditionally, the special Taiwanese cantaloupe variety has been imported and mainly sold in traditional markets, with limited availability in supermarkets or modern retail outlets. Despite this, the cantaloupe is renowned for its exceptional crunchiness, sweetness, and fragrant taste. Agricultural researchers in Vietnam have recognized these desirable qualities and cultivated this melon variety locally.

The locally grown long yellow flesh cantaloupes closely resemble the original imported variety in taste and texture, leading to their rapid acceptance in the Vietnamese market. The local cantaloupe prices in the Vietnamese market stood at USD 2.5 to 3 per kilogram (kg) in W20. The locally grown cantaloupes are competitively priced compared to imported melons from Taiwan (China), contributing to their widespread popularity.
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