On-the-Ground Update

Raspberry is the most exported berry in Portugal

Published Mar 2, 2022
Portugal exported in 2020 an amount of EUR 245 million of Berries, mainly to the North of Europe, to the Netherlands (31%), Germany (22.2”%). This value of exports is higher than Citrus and Apples and Pears.

The most exported berries were raspberry, representing 23% of the berry's export value in 2020. The production level per hectare of Portugal is very competitive when compared to other countries like Spain, for several reasons: the capacity of drainage of the soil, weather conditions like sun exposure, and soft amplitude of the temperatures between day and night that allows the increase of the photosynthesis and generates more production per plant, and the innovation and investment made in this area. For the last five years, Portugal has been buying raspberry plants to Holland, in the “long-cane” system, which means that after the vegetative phase, and able to produce twice a year.
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