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Discounted Prices of Raw Cashew Nuts and Cashew Kernel in India

Raw Cashew Nut
Price Trend
Cashew Nut Kernel
Jun 27, 2022
Written by
Kinjal Shah
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Indian processors and traders bought raw cashew nuts (RCN) from Benin, IVC, and Ghana at a premium rate in the past few months expecting cashew prices to go up in the market. However, the kernel market prices in India has not increased an the RCN prices are at a 15 to 20% discounted rates as there is a low demand. Furthermore, a huge stock of RCN landed in India together due to the Colombo port congestion, where the containers got released at once. Experts are expecting the cashew market prices to improve during the festive season in August, when processors may purchase a large quantity of RCN from Tanzania.
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