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The Taipei City Department of Health Inspected 2,115 Livestock and Poultry Meat Products for Leukotriene and 956 Food Products for Radioactive Residue

Fresh Whole Beef
Donna Chao
Published Mar 17, 2023
The Taipei City Department of Health inspected 2,115 livestock and poultry meat products for leukotriene and 956 food products for radioactive residue. Inspection results were announced On March 16, 2023, and no leukotriene was found in the pork. They found 99 American beef products, all under the allowed limit. In addition, they found 26 violations in labeling the origin of the meat products and four violations in marking the source of Japanese food products. The channels included snack shops, restaurants, supermarkets, stores, food stores, and market vendors.
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