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Millet Flour

Millet Flour

HS Code: 110290 - Cereal flours; other than wheat, meslin, and maize (corn)
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HS Code: 110290 - Cereal flours; other than wheat, meslin, and maize (corn)
Share in Export
1.51%Rank 14
Share in Import
3.05%Rank 12
Export Volume
1Y +274.96%
Import Volume
1Y +16.52%

Import of Millet Flour To Poland

Discover import data of Millet Flour to Poland. Get import value, volume, price data, trends and more. The information below is based on the HS code 110290 (Cereal flours; other than wheat, meslin, and maize (corn)).

Overview of Imports

The import value of Poland was USD 19.89M, and the import volume was 26.90M metric ton in 2021.
Import Value
in 2021
Import Volume
in 2021

Import Data Summary

Get the latest import data based on the HS code system.

Trends of Top Import Origins

See the trends of top import origins for Millet Flour of Poland.

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