Global Berry Market Updates During the First Half of September

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Published Sep 19, 2022
During the first half of September 2022, many countries have started their berry seasons, and others have faced weather issues that affected production, pushing the price upward. Tridge's global market analysts and country representatives dive into what happened in the berry industry in the first half of September.

Increasing Prices of Peruvian Blueberries in the Indian Market in W35

Peruvian blueberry prices in India are showing an upward trend after many weeks of having average wholesale prices between USD 17.56-18.82 per 1.5kg box. In W35, Peruvian blueberry prices increased to USD 22.58 per 1.5kg box. Prices of Peruvian blueberries in the Indian market are rising because there is a shortage after importers stopped importing due to an oversupply. The available stock was consumed, and now India faces a shortage. Importers are restarting imports to cover local demand.

Italian Strawberry Campaign Negatively Affected by Hot and Dry Weather

The start of the 2022 strawberry campaign in Italy was fruitful with a production of 382,536MT, which is an increase of 31.82% compared to May 2021. Fresh strawberries were sold at an average price of USD 1,90/kg EXW (wholesale price). Despite the initial success, the climate events of June and July have affected the final crop. The anticyclone Caronte invaded the Southern regions of Italy where temperatures reached 41 degrees Celsius, causing drought and burning strawberries in the field. Production of strawberries declined by 18% and prices rose to an average of USD 1,97/kg EXW.

The Chilean Blueberry Season Started in W34

The Chilean blueberry season started on W34, one week early compared to last season. Almost 1.6K 1.5kg blueberry boxes were exported in W34 to Korea. Chilean blueberry producers estimate good volumes this season and believe Korea will be a primary export market during the beginning of the season. In W35, the wholesale price of Chilean blueberries stood at USD 26 per 1.5kg box.

W34: South African Blueberry Export Volumes and Destinations

With the South African blueberry season having started in W33, the industry has seen positive demand from export markets. Early exports volumes for W34 of the 2022/23 season are 1307.2MT which is 25.15% higher compared to the 1044.5MT for the same week of the 2021/22 season. Air shipments increased 14.39% while sea shipments increased 29.28% YoY for W34. Of the total W34 shipments, 39.16% were destined for Europe, 18.89% went to the Far East and Asia, 17.65% to the Middle East, and 24.07% to the UK. No shipments in W34 were dispatched to North America or Russia.

Argentinian Blueberry Harvest Slowly Recovers with Stable Prices

After being affected by unfavorable weather, the blueberry production volume starts to recover in Argentina. Despite the increasing supply, FOB prices remain firm at USD 12-13 per 1.5kg box.

Blueberry Prices in EU Holding Steady but Large Volumes From Peru Expected

The Dutch and Belgian markets are recording high sales prices and good product rotation for blueberries. This is due to the fact that European volumes from Portugal, Poland, Belgium, and the Netherlands are beginning to decline together with limited arrivals from overseas markets such as Argentina and Peru. Portugal and Poland should end their production season in W37 while the Netherlands and Belgian production is expected to end within two weeks.

The observed prices for European blueberries vary between USD 5.10-8.10/kg (bulk) depending on the origin and variety, with Portugal being the most expensive (Emerald, Rocio). Blueberries sourced outside of Europe oscillate between USD 6.10-7.10/kg (bulk) depending on the quality of the product, with the quality of Argentinean blueberries reported as unsatisfactory. The 12x125grs box from Peru moves between USD 12.20-13.70 depending primarily on size.

Although prices in W37 are considered good, importers are expecting prices to decrease from the second week of October when the arrival of massive volumes from Peru are expected. Peru is currently exporting to Asia and the US due to better market prices. However, once these markets begin to get saturated, volumes will be diverted to Europe. It is expected that by week 39, 80% of the blueberries sold in Europe will come from Peru.

There is much suspense regarding the impact that Peru may have on the European market that, to date, retailers are reluctant to close a seasonal price, mainly due to information indicating an increase in production from Peru in 2022.

W35: South African Blueberry Export Volumes and Destinations

South Africa entered the 3rd week of the 2022/23 berry campaign in W35 with exporting volumes starting to pick up. Total shipments for W35 were 1,578MT made up of 432MT by air and 1,146MT by sea. Total shipments are up 21.73% WoW with air shipments increasing 30.49% and sea shipments increasing 17.41%. Of the total W35 shipments, 37.78% were destined for Europe, 17.40% went to the Far East and Asia, 16.77% to the Middle East, and 27.80% to the UK. No shipments in W35 were dispatched to North America or Russia.

Blueberry Crops in Eastern Antioquia Affected by Unfavorable Weather

Eastern Antioquia blueberry growers face hardships during W37 because of unfavorable weather with heavy rains and hailstorms. Floods are damaging farms and ruining blueberry crops completely or decreasing the quality.

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