On-the-Ground Updates

The increasing demand for anchovy driven by the growth of Omega-3 chicken eggs industry

Arif Sukmawan
Published Mar 11, 2020
The growth of the Omega-3 egg industry in Indonesia has also benefited the national anchovy industry. Anchovy is one of the main ingredients in the chicken feed mix, as this fish variety contains rich Omega-3 content which is needed by the eggs-hatching chickens to produce Omega-3 eggs. On average, in the period of January-March 2020, the chicken egg industry consumed around 2 MT/month of anchovy to feed the chicken. Despite the higher price of Omega-3 eggs compared to free-range chicken eggs or any other types of eggs, the demand for Omega-3 chicken eggs increased among high-end consumers as it contains higher nutrient content such as fatty acid, folic acid, and DHA.
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